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I know, it’s famous site but new users don’t know it and are buying pirated source code from mass sellers on this forum without license. Here you cannot be cheated, link to website is in my signature banner, if you want, you can copy link right click and delete reflink. It’s little additional cash for me to buy items in codecanyon only^^. My history is 200 bought items currently and I am more happier than chupamobile where people are uploading mostly banned in Google Play old code. Envanto is the best.

Please send me the list

Too many damn referral links on this forum

…and what about it? This is my first referral thread ever in this forum. I even wrote how to delete it if somebody is so poor to delete referrals oO. This thread if for people who don’t know about codecanyon are buying app packages from mass sellers. These people will cry soon or later because these mass sellers haven’t licences and are selling pirated code ripped from codecanyon and chupamobile.