50k impressions per day but only 0.05$eCPM on StartApp

I am getting around 50k to 75k ad impressions a day (10k Interstitials, remaining banners) on StartApp.
These are the last 7 days stats.
33,836(Impressions) $0.33(eCPM) $ 11.05(Revenue)

Banner 337,886 $0.05 $ 18.41

Why is this so low? Any inputs to increase the revenue will be very much appreciated.

This seems low. have you checked this exact placement with other networks? If not, please do. Not mentioning any names - we always recommend to check at least 2-3 networks. The problem may be related to Start App, but not necessarily.

The app is pretty new. Only a month old with 12k downloads and 5k active users.
I have tried only StartApp.
Thinking about changing the ad network. How about mobile core, airpush and appnext?
Which is better?
And since i am getting a lot of impressions, is there any way that i can make some money with just impression count? Like bonus for 100k impressions or anything like that?

Check with StartApp’s support to make sure you’ve integrated everything properly etc. What sort of geos is your traffic coming from?
$0.05 isn’t unheard of for banners if you have low tier geos, but interstitials won’t ever be that low.
Like @jonathan said, you need to mix things up. Try splitting the traffic between StartApp, AppNext and maybe AirPush or mobileCore.

Most networks won’t give you straight up bonuses for that kind of traffic. You need serious daily traffic for a deal to be worth their while.

Try Airpush for banner and MobileCore for interstitials :slight_smile:

Hi Darshan,

I would like to suggest giving us at Airpush a try. Our publisher eCPM averages $1.00 - $1.50 or higher. Our new 360 abstract banners are highly engaging and perform at least 5 times better than traditional banners for our pubs, and we have plenty of ad inventory available world wide.
You can review our demo site here Airpush Publisher Demo and Google Play integration document here Bundle SDK 1.0 Documentation - manage.airpush.com/docs

PM me to chat further.
Airpush Nick

Try mobileCore. You might have more conversion with them… I have one app with MobileCoreand I’m getting around $1 - $4 eCPM

They have running promotion right now maybe you can still join to get some bonus with your traffic

Use admob my friend. If you still got a poor income with admob, it means your app is not interesting

I’d encourage you to give AerServ a try. We pay on CPM and aren’t performance based. We offer video ads, static interstitial, banners, MRAID and more.

This way you can boost revenue with your current impression count.

Feel free to ping me if you have any questions

[email protected] or philiptse85 - skypeid

You used banner or interstitials? that’s so high!

Interstitial only… My revenue fluctuates from $40 - $70 daily and the impressions are 18k - 30k daily.

Latest days, I am trying to do mediation with my apps, since from the mediation, I can see the performance in different adnetworks, but no need to integrated for 2 or times. I suggest you use it.

Hi there!

I’d be curious to see how my new network, Unlockable, stacks up in your app.

We serve minigames based on ads with very high eCPMs and a custom look to fit your apps. We guarantee that your players actually enjoy their ads, while making you more money.

You can check it out in action at demo.unlockable.com and if you have any interest reach out at [email protected]