5000 impressions per day but low revenue with Applovin

I’m getting a very low eCPM with Applovin. Is that normal? Am I doing something wrong? I have only been using Applovin for one week.
Here there are some screenshots.

What do you think? I am getting 0 eCPM on a lot of countries with impressions and clicks :confused:

Applovin is CPI network, so you only earn money when the user sees the ad, clicks the ad, installs the advertised app and then runs it.
I also get awful ecpm with CPI networks and the reason is because we have low impressions and we don’t have many users from good Geo’s.
If you don’t have big userbase you should really head towards CPM or CPC networks.

Can you give me some examples of CPM or CPC networks? I tried Chartboost for a few days but I didn’t earn not even 1 cent. I think they pay for installs, and I didn’t had any.

Chartboost is also CPI…Appnext,applovin,chartboost, heyzap,all these are CPI networks…FAN and admob are CPM and CPC networks as I remember correctly…

And what about Appodeal?

what is your benchmark for ecpm comparison? Have you experienced the low ecpm differences on various networks at the same exact ad unit placement?

this information is essential to understand if you compared the exact same scenarios (“impression” for instance can be defined differently on each network).

have you tried to make an a/b tests between cpi network vs. cpc network?

Besides fan and admob there’s also airpush for CPM.
Appodeal has a variety of ad networks some of which are CPM and others are CPI.

Appodeal is a Mediation solution. It means that work in real time with many ad networks in order to find the highest paying advertiser. There are many mediation solutions such as Supersonic, Fyber or Appodeal. I would recommend Appodeal bc they have the widest range of ad formats, a variety of business models (CPM, CPC, …) and tailored payments. Las but not least my eCPM experienced a significant increasement :slight_smile:

Hope this helps


I also have made a choice not long time ago. So about Appodeal I can say that they are pretty good. Maybe I have not an experience of compare with something else because the question of monetization was first time. But in common I am content their service and cpm as well.

With Enhance™, you can try out any of the ad networks to see which one will perform best for you. You can setup a waterfall of networks and even mediate them yourself from your dashboard all with little to no coding.

You might need to find a network that performs well in the geos your traffic is coming from.

For more info on Enhance™, follow the link : http://fgl.io/MMWA2

Good luck!

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For our app, we tried admob and epom apps. In both networks we ran banners and interstitials. Geography is mostly USA. With epom we had higher eCPMs. Can assume this is because their team did all optimization on their side and they are more experienced than me :slight_smile: