500 FREE INSTALLS - High Retention

Yes, it’s true, no joke, no tricks. We would like to show you guys our service quality, so we decide to give away 500 high retention installs for free every single day! *

Here is what you have to do in order to claim the 500 free HR (3 days) installs:

• Register: https://androidinstalls.com
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• Your app has to be free, available worldwide, Android 4.2 or higher

You can’t get this free promotion if:

• you already tried our service
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• you have less than 20 posts on this forum (prevent fraud - multiple account with same user)

Please leave your review in this topic after you have received the free promotion. It’s not much to ask.

  • Worldwide targeting & without keyword search. Offer ends after 14 days. So actually the first 14 unique users can get this offer.

It looks like this forum is not as active as before. We will move this offer to another forum.