5 Google play developer account suspended , help please , WHY ?

Google have a scanning system like antivirus software, It can scan package name, namespace and some of code.
If you only change package name, graphic but your code still the same and GG can recognized it very fast.
I also hear GG can get MAC address from you PC and modem, and five account come from same PC-> banned.

you used different IP for reg acc but maybe you log to them by same IP?

Hi, Tareqccccc, did you manage to have your google accounts back or open new ones without getting banned? I am having the same problem now feeling really hopeless and helpless. If you have any advice, can you pls tell me ? Thank you very much.

if you use the same sign key in multiple accounts, you are ****ed. also it could be the password as well because i have a quite similar experience

Hello developers

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use different sign key maybe help us who banned also…

After Ban Do following things.

  1. Don’t ever upload those apps.
  2. Create a virtual machine
  3. Create new account using virtual machine and always use from that.
  4. After Approval build new apps and upload.

Informative Information:

Google actually recommends you to sign all your application with a single key store even if you are publishing the apps with different publisher names. Reason being that it’s actually easier to manage all your application with a single key and it ensures that all your published apps runs under single process allowing better integration option. You see, keystore is very crucial in identify the unique and linked accounts and using the same keystore will surely lead to blocking of your account.

Second thing, MAC address can’t cross the Router. MAC address is intranet thing and Google can never be aware of it. But if there’s something embedded in eclipse or APK , that’s different story altogether.

Also, one thing , Google ain’t foolish. They go for in depth scanning of each and every video published on Youtube and blocks the pirated stuff the moment they were published. I believe they are doing the same in Android as confirmed in Google IO and yes, if they are looking inside the APK, they are surely looking for resource material(pics, audio , everything). The moment they find a lot of familarity in the apk, they ban the account if it’s not old enough.

Even screenshots is enough to give track of device you are using. Every image has some meta data and it contains the information regarding the device.

My Thumb Rule:

  1. Use different keystore for different accounts
  2. Use different IP Address
  3. Use different credit cards
  4. Use different system
  5. Don’t link your account with your mobile
  6. Don’t publish the same app again. If you publishing, make sure to use proguard to change the codebase and change the resources along with layout files with twisted description. Try to get screenshot from emulator or different device.
  7. If you are using admob, make sure to use different admob accounts for different accounts as they are all linked.

Please add your points to further strengthen further preventive measure.

fighting with google never end

guys can you suggest me a better way to mix code in a duplicate app other than using proguard?

keystore is not the issue, I have 3 accounts that used same keystore file, 1 banned for ad policy violation, other banned for keyword spamming, 3rd account is a friends account and I make apps for him to publish and we split revenue, account is still alive over a year later after my bannings and I still use the same keystore on new apps.

Also VMWARE Workstation can be your best friend have unlimited virtual pc’s on same pc all with unique mac addresses, also google doesn’t give a shit about ip address either, most people use internet cafe’s or hotspots. I know a guy with 10 accounts all on same ip a few got banned and others are still alive.

Do you ever access that account from your PC? Also, do you use AdMob in those apps and if yes, is it the same as you used on a previously banned account? Thanks.

the 3rd account is my friends account I make the apps on same pc but he uploads onto his pc as I send him the apps to upload via dropbox.

The apps had revmob but we updated them to heyzap.

OK, thanks for the share.

My suggestion is this: build your app with a new virutal machine with new eclipse and stuff, sign it with new keystore…lost something like 10 accounts because of that: had new account new ip, different app, basically everything different, but same eclipse…got always banned for that, when my app gets published, 1-2 days later, all account banned.

You are now OK with using new Eclipse?

yes…and when they ban 1 app, they don’t ban the entire account, and they don’t link to other accounts I have.