5 Google play developer account suspended , help please , WHY ?

5 Google play developer account suspended

I’m creating 5 Google play developer account

Every account come with
1.New IP address
2.new credit card
3.new gmail id
4.Google cookie clear
5.use different recovery email.
6.new admob account.

But after all this they know me and Suspend my account , please help me , how to do account without know me

1.use same password
2.i don’t add Mobile

please help me how prevent Google from know me ???

google really f*ck you up :frowning:

unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about that :frowning:
it’s dog eat dog business :frowning:

yeah dude, get another hobby, you suck at this


Well you received a warning from them http://forums.makingmoneywithandroid.com/advertising-networks/2574-what-does-mean-google-play.html

What do you want now?

How google Know me ?

Do your accounts get banned immediately or after you upload/publish your apps?

after upload/publish me apps , after 3 days .

which sdks are you using?

Android 4.3 (18)
Universal image loader

I suppose that’s half of your answer. The other half could be due to someone complaining about your app.

did you change package name? and app code ?

also sign key?

i’m not change it …
it’s affect ???

yes , i can’t upload without change it .

hm , dont know then but make sure you change code and graphic at least

you must change sign key

are you sour this make the problem /?

Without a doubt.

Well, he didn’t say anything about why he was banned.

I’d guess he is still trying to do the same things he did with his former accounts, thats why he’s getting banned again.