4x4 Offroad Racing


From the makers of Train Simulator 3D and Apple Shooter 3D, here comes yet another amazing game – 4x4 Offroad Racing with exciting game play – “4x4 Offroad Racing” in Racing Game Category.
Get ready for big challenges of an ultimate racing game this year, accelerate your fast monster vehicles and finish the race. Enjoy the amazing controls with HD Graphics and 3D Environments in the game. Select your favourite monster vehicle from the store to pick up speed cars / trucks to win the race. You have limited vehicle damage points, if you exceed the number of damages, level will fail. You need to use your strategy to win the race rather losing to opponents. Racing is a passion for all the speed cars or monster vehicle racers around the world, if you really love to race and looking for a good racing game, then this is the right place for all the drift lovers.
If you like speed car racing games or simulation games then you will definitely love this game. This game is all about the challenges, racing, speed, drifting, fast tracks and winning the ultimate race. Strategy is a key factor to win this ultimate racing game, avoid hitting other trucks, play safe and be the winner of this fast racing game. You need to be fast enough to beat the opponents, exhibit the driving skills on the fast track. Play and experience the rough roads covered with mud and dirt, HD Graphics and amazing 3D environment will give you the immense fast driving or racing simulation satisfaction throughout the game play.
Get ready to speed up your vehicle to beat the rash opponents driving on the really fast tracks. Are you charged up for an amazing RACE?

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