4 accounts banned. What should I do?


My 4th play developer account has been banned yesterday. I was using opera vpn. What should I do now?
Is it okay to use gsm network for different IP and virtual machine to upload apks?

you cant create new accounts - you will be banned anyway

What method did you use to create account ? pm me your skype we can talk over there

you can add me on skype, i can teach you tips

4 accounts banned ?
Not single account banned ?

Well we all know that banning 1 account might be the mistake from the Google. But banning 4 accounts clears that you must be playing nasty and must be copying others app and all other kind of cheap work to play the ads just to make money.
Shit people like you making the way difficult for other genuine developers and google make tough policies because of u junkies like you.

Better die somewhere and get lost.