3rd Party App Store Experiment and Journey

I have had it with Google Play and their monopolistic tendencies. From starting as a company with the
benign sounding motto of “Do no Evil”, they metamorphosed into “Stand for Evil”.

This waking up everyday with nervousness of whether your apps and account is still there, whether
Admob will send the payment is not something I bargained for.

So in pure and chaste french. F*CK YOU am going to look elsewhere.

Now that my little rant is over, let me outline what I intend to do.


I have about 50 apps, some of them games, some I made, some I bought.


I am going to use Airpush Bundle 2, Minimob, StartApp, MobileCore. Airpush Bundle 2 (AB2) will
be used in every app and others will be used as I see fit.


I have my own home grown real time tracking system, that can

[li]a. Track from where the app was installed.[/li][li]b. Track the country of the user[/li][li]c. Track how many times an app has been opened[/li][li]d. Track when an app was installed[/li][/ol]


I am going to recompile each of my app with the above mentioned SDK’s and publish them on 3rd party
app stores. I am not going spend any money on promotion.

I am going to publish at least 1 and at most 2 apps per day.

I am going to report here in this thread

a. Daily downloads per app store
b. Daily earnings per app store

Reports will be published every day or once in two days.

PS: If you guys want to chip in with any suggestions, you are welcome.

Just subscribed to this thread, I wish you good luck !

Subscribed too, would love to know how this turns out.

Log 1 : Star date : Today

Uploaded 1 live wallpaper with attractive design, graphics. Developed using a popular 2D game engine and Open GL ES
Uploaded to three markets
Waiting to be approved.

Good luck! Let me know if I can be of any help.

Airpush Nick

good luck ,
can you share the appstore names as well

All right, 1 market has approved. And I got 17 downloads according to them. But my tracker says I got only 1 download from India.
My tracker tracks only after user has installed and opened the app.

Opera’s stats are off, also people download stuff but wont install due to permissions.

I live off 3rd party app stores and can tell you right now don’t waste your time with these 3 Minimob, StartApp, MobileCore, I only maybe make a few bucks a day from each if lucky while bundle2 makes way more, believe it or not Notifymob will earn you more than them 3 outside of google. If your going to use minimob then use their pay per install SDK that pays up to 25 cents per install depending on country but you will only get paid if the user is shown an ad which is hardly anyone, I did do 50 a day with them at one point but now im lucky to make a buck a day.


Not exactly related to appnext, but I’d love to help you guys wichever way I can. Google is certainly not making it easy for developers to stay stable. So -

3rd party Android appstore list here:
A List of Mobile Appstores

There are also tools that will help you publish your apps in most of these stores. I can try to find them if anyone is interested.

Good luck.

Log 2 : Day 2
Approved in 2 stores so far.
1 downloads so far.

In Opera store, it is still not approved. But my old apps are visible in the market, which means
my account is not blocked. I do not understand the delay.

I have just had an app approved on Opera market after about 7 days.

ryanosaur, How is it going?

you got bored after two days? LOL

It is going nice.

It was vacation time in India. I have started again.

I have uploaded 3 apps in total. Each app on an average is making $0.80 cents per day with Airpush Bundle 2.
I am going to ramp it up.

sounds good, keep us posted.

Pathetic, not nice 20 installs a day. To get $100/day you need to upload 125 apps into different markets and keep average 20 installs/day. Different icon/screen sizes/forms/descriptions. To get $400 you need 500 apps, to get $1000 you need more than 1k apps in markets.
You didn’t tell about number of stores :wink: maybe you have these 3 apps in 10-20 stores :>

0.80$, is maybe good for India and yes, I’m opposite like you asked in one of my threads. Because this is “making money with android forum”. Nowadays, on this forum is invasion of people who are masturbating when see $20 like in NOTIFIMOB thread, when many people were using it only for no minimum weekly payment.

I told what I think and for now, Ill minimize my activity on this forum. You don’t need to reply me, just ignore.


I wonder do you guys really have a well settled families.

Good luck ryanosaur!