3rd Party Ad networks

Got a couple of apps on third party markets with 60k-70k interstitial impressions per day, but with a cpm of $0.02 on Mobilecore, the earnings are sht. Which ad network can i use to monetise my interstitials? Most ad networks am checking out require an app to be live on Google play, and Mobilecore is just sht! Most of my impressions are from Asia.

All MobileCore ads are linking to Google Play… do people using 3rd party markets usually have GP on their phone too?

Appnext, definitely. PM me if you want to know what we can do for you. Plus, we have a December bonus right now, so you’ll be able to double your revenues anyway!

Hi Fanta,

Have you tried us at Phunware? We have interstitial ads (along with banners, video, 300x250s, and more) available world wide with solid CPMs, and do not require your app to be on Google Play (just need a valid link with our SDK integrated).

Shoot me a PM to chat further!
Phunware Nick

Take a look at alphagravel. We are continually building new features specificallyfor 3rd party networks. Reach out to me on skype: matt.alphagravel