Making Money with Android

3D Virtual Reality Architect


I would like to introduce my application which can take you into new visualization experience.

Application can import 3d models in .obj and .dae format,generate them in runtime, after being

generated you can manipulate them (scaling, moving, rotating) and EXPLORE THEM(using built-in

android sensors) in Virtual Reality mode and in extra mode with Camera background.

This program have a lot options(saving project with multiple models generated and load them later).

It can be used in many professions, architectural visualizations, hobbies.

Every .obj made correct way in Blender should work, many 3d models from internet websites are


Trailer video:

Please check my Facebook Page with uploaded videos:

Applications has been tested so far with Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 4, Xperia

Z3, Xperia Z2.

Working of sensor depends on device hardware .

I am planning to Upload Trial version next Monday.

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