3D Racing Mania


Feel the real 3D graphics and environments, race with different opponents. Buy and upgrade new super fast bikes & new sports cars for more speed. You need more speed to challenge the advance levels in this racing game. Beat your rivals with your fast paced speed racing. Challenge your friends in leader board. Be a reckless racer to beat the racing legends. Change your gear now! Keep CALM and strap in, it’s a RACING day! Race the finest, unique and amazing cars and bikes on a race track. It’s time to be reckless on thrilling tracks, which will drive you crazy and go wild. When you are in a racing car and you race to win, second or third place is not enough. Race to win, earn the First place, share with your friends and challenge them to beat your score. Select and play with Cars or Bikes of your choice, Stylish, Fast and latest vehicle upgrades. Enjoy the different locations and challenging tracks to complete with fearless opponents. Excellent physics and amazing detailed graphics will make you feel the real 3D experience. One of the best racing simulator game is here to experience and have fun around the thrilling tracks throughout the game.

Anything that gets your blood RACING is probably worth doing, so let’s RACE. If you have everything under control while racing, then you should assume that you’re not moving fast enough. If you no longer go for a gap that exists, you are no longer a racing champ. High performance cars, drifting at high speed will drive you crazy, mind freezing sharp tracks, colorful cars & themes. Prove some racing skills and earn money to upgrade the latest high end vehicle to perform better. Get boosters on the way your track, the game difficulty may increase when you experience more levels in 3D Racing Mania Game.
NOTE: In this 3D Racing Mania Game, We do dirt tracks, We do stunts, We do slide jobs, We do control, We do push starts, We do flyover, We do heat races, We do compete, We do RACING! Here, Champions attitude speak out loader than anything else, Be aware! There would be so many people out there who will let you down, yelling at you saying – you can’t RACE. What you have got to do is turn around and say WATCH ME.
Running away because of FEAR to LOSE is a RACE you will never WIN. Are you running away?

|||| FEATURES ||||
:heavy_check_mark: FREE TO PLAY
:heavy_check_mark: Realistic and Smooth 3D Game play
:heavy_check_mark: New Challenges to play
:heavy_check_mark: No time limit
:heavy_check_mark: Great Sound Effects
:heavy_check_mark: Enjoy mighty power-up
:heavy_check_mark: Detailed Graphics & Locations
:heavy_check_mark: Race to win
:heavy_check_mark: Earn coins & upgrade vehicles
:heavy_check_mark: High quality 3D Environment
:heavy_check_mark: Easy to control & drift vehicles
:heavy_check_mark: Unlock all levels and vehicles
:heavy_check_mark: Challenge your friends to play
:heavy_check_mark: Accelerate and brake pedals
:heavy_check_mark: Free Driving Simulator
:heavy_check_mark: Share on Facebook and Google Plus.
:heavy_check_mark: Choose and upgrade CARS & BIKES
:heavy_check_mark: Compatible with all mobiles and tablets

|||| CONTROLS ||||
:heavy_check_mark: Accelerate to move forward
:heavy_check_mark: Brake to slow down the speed

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