300USD ad earnings each day,want to sell 500K USD ,is ok?

hi all,
i have an app “search engine for google” ,working on kindle fire devices and was approved by google company,the app even occupied top1 one week on amazon appstore,the total downloads is almost 2.5 million from kindle fire tablets(90% from USA). the ad earnings is almost 300usd each day,i want to start a new project,i need 500K USD for it,so i want to sell this app with 500K USD,is it ok?

You will never get that.

$300/day = $100k/year. Standard business practice is to purchase a company for 2-4 years worth of gross depending on debt/assets. Since apps have a HUGE drop in users/value over a 30 day period, I doubt you could even get 100k for it.

It is a pretty bad deal. Your app is doing very basic stuff and people who are a little bit familiar with coding could create that, too. The revenue is very nice but you cannot guarantee it will keep like that. Chances are also that the revenue will decrease within the future.

Anyway you would need about 4 years to make the investment back. It also got only ~2.000 ratings which is (at least in the Google Play Store) very unlikely for more than 2 million downloads. I would expect like ~20.000 ratings.

i do not know why the ratings is so less,the downloads is more than 2M.

The value of app is not the hard work or some original idea, but the… place in rankings. That means you aren’t really in control of this thing, you just had luck :wink:

agree with you, the google offical search app can not run on kindle fire devices,the amazon search tool is too hard to use

haha this app is not worth 100k, let alone 500k

kindle fire and the amazon app store are dying. read this: Tablet sales and market share - Kindle struggling - Business Insider

but you are definitely doing the right thing by trying to sell it. i would strongly suggest finding a buyer asap

i know the sells of kindle fire drop much,so i try to sell this app,how to find a buyer?could you give some suggestions?

i know the sells of kindle fire drop much,so i try to sell this app,how to find a buyer?could you give some suggestions?

You are really lucky or you are the pioneer who publish app to Amazon? May I know when you published that app?


That’s pretty early, that’s why your app works and get a lot of downloads.

Do you put ads in your app or do you use some affiliate programs e.g. amazon associates?

I really doubt you find a buyer, who will risk so much money in such unstable business? One day you are earning 300$ and the next you are out, if I was in your condition i would sell to whoever offers above 30k but my recommendation is to keep it, improve the app and try to keep earning as much as you can

If you can find someone to buy at that price it’s perfectly fine! but, I don’t think you will.
Good luck though

hey man you are really a lucky champ. as other guys have pointed out, this app does not have a worth you are anticipating. You can check for its prospective buyers in the buy/sell section of this forum. However, the return you are expecting is a huge one, and I dont know any such person here, willing to spent real money to such an extent. But don't lose hope and check other stations.. in fact check every station.. dont forget to raise your apps level by doing some additional work for more downloads

You can keep that amount as any buyer can get back their investment in 4-5 years time period.Which is good.But depends how performing your app now a days and what is your daily users.