3000 Active users/day Admob earnings only 5€ ( Help )

Hi people,
i am having bad experience with AdMob, my revenue was sometimes about 50-60 euros per day, now i am having only 4-5 euros.
Let me know if you have any suggestions to help me improve my revenue. Luckily i am having about 60€/day from my paid apps.
If you don’t want to give advice for free, no problem. I am willing to pay if you can improve my revenue.

Hi mmaspartan,

Have you considered alternating between different ad networks?

For example, you could display our premium interstitials first, then fall back to AdMob to maximise your fill rate. We are specialised in high-paying ads ($1-$3 per install), and use machine learning algorithms to display the best converting ads first. We stop displaying ads that users don’t respond to well. At that point, you could revert to AdMob. If you want more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch: [email protected]

Clara :slight_smile:

3k DAU is a pretty good amount of users.

Are you using banners or interstitials?
Have you checked if they are working?

I had a problem where i updated the apps without testing final apk. and because I used proguard, it scrambled my ad library code. I thought i was loosing revenue but it was all because of my own mistake.

Do you really have 3000 active users ? Means are you getting still new users every day ?
When you have 3000 users which have still installed your app - then this does not mean that those users are also active !
A lot of people download an app and then after a few days they are not using it any more …
maybe thats the problem !?

Are you open to trying additional ad categories as well? (sign ups/registrations, surveys, mobile video, shopping, etc.) - If you give users more options beyond only mobile CPI, you can monetize more users based on what they are interested in. You can also further monetize individual users who have already installed the app(s) you are currently displaying, by simply providing more ad options for them. It adds to the user experience also providing different kinds of ads - of course all users love apps, but many express they love other kinds of simple offers to engage with as well.

@Clara Lambert Long time ago i have tried MobileCore and get my app banned(didn’t tried adbuddiz yet)
because their ads were forcing user to click on it. I appealed to Play Support and they accepted appeal that wasn’t my fault.
I removed mobilecore ads, and luckily they published my app few days after.
And that’s main reason why i wasn’t trying other ad networks, thats why i sticked to AdMob network only.

I am using both banners and interstitials, as i can see from my Admob information, they are working properly. But i am having really low RPM/eCPM 0.10€.

Click for better resolution - imgur.com





your traffic is strong, but ctr decreased by about 5 times. i would say banner blindness or just crappy ads. switch the network maybe? try mediation?

Hi @mmaspartan,

Just to clarify: our ads never force the user to click on it, there will always be an option for them to close the ad (by clicking the cross in the upper right corner).

In addition, we work hard to bring the best quality visuals, so you are safe with AdBuddiz :slight_smile:

We now support CPM campaigns in addition to CPI campaigns, which allows us to maximize the revenues of our publishers. If your traffic is standard, I am confident we can bring you more than 0.10 € eCPM.

Can i get your Skype or any contact, so we can talk.?

Thanks Clara, i am going to try out your ad service.
Best regards!

I just sent you my contact information via PM. Looking forward to speaking with you :slight_smile: