30 Day Love Spark

I’ve been meaning to promote my app here for a while mainly to get some outside opinions on my app. I finally decided to take the time to do it.

This app basically is a challenge to do something sweet or romantic for your mate every day for 30 days. I tried to make the activites easy to do that didn’t take alot of planning or money to do. The idea was to continually do romantic things which would make your loved one feel speacial and feel how much you loved them. In turn hopefully bringing the two of you even closer.

I’d love to hear feedback on how the flow of the app is and if there is anything confusing about the user experience.

market link

I downloaded this app a while ago, but forgot to post my feedback. So here it is now - better late than never :slight_smile:

I like the concept of the app, and the explanation on first load is quite clear. I was able to get up & running with no questions or confusing bits.

My main suggestion would be that perhaps it’s too simple. That is, when I open the app and read a single thing to do for that day, my reaction is “what now?”. The temptation is to flick through all the suggestions immediately, and that kind of defeats the purpose of the 30-days idea.

Perhaps a bit of a slow animation when you mark something as completed? An inspirational quote? Some kind of reward for completing that day’s action would be good. I like the ability to flick through the upcoming days (if only to satisfy my curiosity), but I think there should be a pretty strong incentive to stay looking at a single day, even after you’ve finished that activity.

Thanks. I like your suggestion on providing some feedback after completing the day. Maybe some words of motivation or a quote or something.

I’m thinking about re-branding the app a little. At first I tried to make the name more unique to stand out from the hundreds of “love quote” apps and show people it was different than those. But now I think the name is just a little confusing and after seeing how the android market works I think I would be better with a simpler name and a better icon.