3 Suspensions and account terminated?

Is this really true that if someone gets 3 suspensions then his developer account will be terminated. Has anyone here got more than 3 suspensions and the account is still working fine? I just got my 2nd app suspended yesterday and I am afraid of losing my other apps.

i have got 4 suspensions in 10 days and still the account is active ; the gmail accounts used is old one , but if the play account is low quality u will have only 3 chances

I have a very good quality account getting a very good amount of installs on my apps that’s why I am worried.

also the gap in between the suspensions matter i think
gud luk :slight_smile:

Exactly. The time between bans is very important… But as we can see - 4 suspensions in 10 days didn’t make a ban… Maybe it also depends on reasons why the apps wad suspended… There are low faults and big ones;)

I think they are resetting the count after some time so probably you can have more than 3 bans if those have been splited in a large period. The type of suspension is also really important, I think that keyword and AdPolicy doesn’t count same as Copyright etc… btw those 4 suspension in 10 days without banning also surprised me

actually 4 suspensions in 5 days
see this screenshot Screenshot by Lightshot

the thing it was old gmail id .

what were the reason for suspension?

all wer copyright violations

What was the reason for copyright violations? Maybe wallpapers or something like that?

i was have 2 accounts before, the first one was suspended for 3 app suspension and also they discover that i have another account from admob because i was linking both their , the second one was suspend for 2 app suspension because one of the reason was “hacking youtube” :smiley: (actually i was only trying to get stream link from their website hahaha).
after that i registered new account and also they suspended it after 1 month because they discover that i have 2 suspended accounts

from my experience, it depends on ban: if you get 3 bans from impersonation / copyright and spam your account gets banned.
from ad placement and some other stuff - they are not so important

well the reason - u have to keep guessing
maybe images , descreption etc
they were all were instant bans and none was wallpaper app

My 1st Account Born in Feb 2011 - Died in August of 2013 had over 100 violations before suspension, like 80 were copyright violations, 10 were like keyword spam, 10 were like not rated correct rating and I got banned in 2013 from apps that were unpublished using old Applovin SDK that had a security flaw so Google removed like 30 apps that day that were unpublished, I love how the emails stated we have 30 days to update the applovin sdk and then banned all apps after 4 days.

Google is f** biased. My account was 2 years old. 30+ apps published and 4 app suspensions. and MY ACCOUNT WAS TERMINATED

Did you create another account now then and use that? I hear you need to change many things to do that, new card, new GP developer account, new IP, new computer, new phone, completely change all code names (even though that would be a bit strange as many people buy reskinned codes and just reskin art, so the file names are the same… So there would be many many bans if that happened)

Maybe even do not use photoshop on the computer that had the ban, as maybe they can know which computer the art files were created with…:confused: