2k$ to ads? How to manage?

I’m creating a truck parking/delivering style game, it’is going ok now and it’ll be more beautiful than others. However there is a thing that call “Google Play Visibilty”. So I have to exceed this. (I released a cool truck parking with different consept but it’s getting 30 download.)

I’m thinking about investment Facebook ads 1-2K$ and this amount is a lot for me. Should I take this risk? What to do? Please help…

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can you include the link to the game you already release so we can have a better idea of your games?

My advice would be to focus on prelaunch and during the first 30 days after release. Invest in ads, post in forums, upload videos on youtube, etc. After the 30 days, if the game is getting momentum, improve it as much as you can, read your users comment carefully and understand what they think would be better. And respond to every single comment/email you got from them

I would invest the money over a 5-10 days period and choose just a few countries: one country where installs are cheap (like India - to get a lot of them) and 2 countries that are more expensive but pay a lot better: UK and USA.

Actually I did not think pre-launch. I’ll post some forums but I don’t think it will effect much. Thanks for your advices.

I’ve used ayetStudios to test with 10$ budget, it brought 86 install and 1 vote. So I don’t want to use again it, Facebook is good I guess.

Also I saw a game named “Race the Traffic”(Appannie)and I saw they are growing like magic. Is it just with ad? I’m really getting crazy… They are getting 100K+ daily dl.

I read somewhere in this forum a man don’t advice choosing small country to get in trend list. But maybe I choose my country.

Also consuming the 1-2k$ in one hour is effecting to be popular? I just wonder.

Edit:Thank you BaksaiApps , I sent a post but it’s in approving process.

Read this for more insight


I’ve read, good success and experience!

I’ve released a few apps before and I got 2m+ downloads in short period and of course there was less competite 2 years ago… But this is my first serious game project so I’m excited and don’t want to see my works be ruin.

What I want to say is being first 50 in a country is not success for me. I had to do a good success or my life will be ruined.

There are a lot of opinions on this forum. The reason they are different is because no one knows for sure how to do it and people are just saying what they think is correct and what has worked for them.

Some people say it’s better to spend the money as soon as possible, some say it’s better to spread it across more days.

Yeah I remember when Google had new list instead of top free new and the just in list where you could update apps and jump back to the top what glorious and money making days Ahhh . Now it’s freaking hard so you have to do research and a bit of it. I could only tell you that if your game or app is better than mine once you reach top 50 you should reach top 10 organically. The person ranked #6 in India overall is getting around 15,000 downloads organically a day.

Are you serious? What are you basing this on?

Thanks for your great advices.

I will set 400$ budget for first day and 150$/day for 5day. And will share my experince.

It takes google 3 days to rank you properly so I would spend it over 3 days but that’s from my experience. I had 2 apps reach in the charts Zombie run pro reached #79 and Bomb Attack Max reach #49 spot . Even with high installs in one day it took 3 days to show on charts and 6-8 days to reach top new free.

I am basing this on a couple of people that happen to use the same AD network that I use but are doing better than me. One of them is actually on this forum but doesn’t want to post too much because he doesn’t want to deal with it. He posted in the 1st page of notifymob thread if you want to find him. But I am sure he probably won’t respond seeing what goes on around here.

Considering that you are giving advice to somebody about to spend a decent amount of $$$, this opinion is extremely irresponsible… It is definitely not true that if you reach top 50 you will reach top 10. (Top 10 what anyway?? ).

And ok, being ranked #6 overall in India may bring you 15.000 downloads a day, but just not a realistic goal at all!. Being rank top 10 in a Game´s category is difficult, in Games (overall) is extra difficult and Overall is something that probably none of us will ever experiment.

In how many countries did those games reach top 50 and in how many countries did they reach top 10? And top 10 what exactly?

You guys are both funny I posted many stats on my games .Both you guys follow my thread and posts ,challenge me at every turn , what the hell have you guys done to help anyone out?? Officially you guys are trolls now.

In my case:

I have reach top 50 (for different games categories) more than 25 times and only 1 got to top 10 (#8)…
He just does not know what he is talking about (nothing wrong with that as long as he does not advice pretending he does)

Go ask him , I told you where to find him. I post stats on my stuff you can check my threads. It seems like you guys discourage good advice like you don’t want others to succeed. It’s freaking sickening.

What good advice have we discouraged? The statement that any decent game will reach top 10 if it has reached top 50? That is a pure unfunded statement and it’s totally false.

  1. it has to reach top 50 and top free for its category.
    Ok so in your view there is no chance , let’s all give up now haha. No one can give %100 guarantee you will reach top 10 but you make it seem impossible . I know it’s possible cause I seen others do it. I talked to people like freakzone and UStwo who are indie developers who made money and ranked well in all countries .