2048 guys stole a game?


Using publishers was always risky but for such a large publisher to skrew you…

A bit of a tragic story, to be honest. Assuming the author depicts how it really was, of course.
I am a bit biased, being a former publisher myself, but it is a business run on reputation. You have only one name and if you screw somebody, people will know it sooner or later. I do not think there is any other line of defence for a developer but to run background checks on a publisher, talk to other devs working with a given company and generally understand who are they. No one will even sign an NDA (Well, I signed once, with a very good results for both parties involved :)).
Scary story, thanks for sharing.

I read this on facebook before, what the author say may be the truth. But with simple game like that, very easy to clone.

Can you please let us know can we trust games like that…the guys stolen never faced any issue like security and access?

charlesdavis - learn English, otherwise you won’t be able to get help on forums like this one. Your posts are really hard to understand.

That’s tragic case :(. It’s negative side in Flat World Ages, where you can make a “big bang” in a day, or your idea is stolen in a day :).
That’s reason why I will never develop a indie mini game only based on pure algorithm anyway… It’s so easy to clone :(.

Btw what is ketchapp economic agreement with developers. Anyone has an idea about?

Wow i’ve contaced Ketchapp with a few games. I wonder if they will steal some of my ideas. disgusting scum bags.

I bought Threes. It’s a great game and tons of fun.

New story: https://www.reddit.com/r/gamedev/comments/34yhif/proof_that_ketchapp_steals_developer_submissions/

It seems there are too many coincidences to believe it is just an accident. Did the guys from Ketchapp respond to those allegations? Do developers sign any kind of Terms & Conditions while submitting an app via their TestFlight? Small print matters in such cases…

Does anyone know how did Ketchapp get initial momentum? Was it with advertising or with virallity? They don’t seem to advertise their apps now.

^ i am guessing luck

Right now probably cross promotion. In the beginning - luck, as toxic says. Or bought downloads or something. :wink:

Not luck, they are notorious for copying other games that don’t have the capital to go viral. “Don’t Touch The Spikes” was not an original game, there were plenty of games just like it that came out months before ketchapp created Dont Touch The Spikes.

I boycott all of their bs games. Also, they pay big money to have their games played by youtube stars like PewDiePie.