20 Million Trees Game Jam 2019


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The jam will end November, 20th. Voting will then follow until November 30th! Invite your friends if you want, and you can also team up with one other person!

Game Jam inspiration : I loved Mr Beast mission so I made game jam about TREES

*** Help the WORLD plant 20 million trees around the globe by January 1st, 2020. ***

** You don’t have to add a Donation button, but adding = MORE TREES. Please use URL : https://www.teamtrees.org ** 1 $ = Tree

VERY SIMPLE => Use TREES as the main STORY of your game and try to bring your own unique style, art and gameplay ideas!

Game-Jam Rules Below!

  1. You can only group up with one other individual, or you can do it by yourself if you want!

  2. You can use scripts, models, etc, that you’ve already made, or you can make them from scratch!

  3. You are allowed to use things off of the asset store!

  4. You have to use the theme given to you, and the game has to be compatible with itch.io!

  5. USE ANY GAME ENGINE. Good Luck and have fun!

Most important of all - enjoy your time and don’t feel pressured to do anything extraordinary! Game jams are meant to be a fun way to practice, experiment and get to know talented people!