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12 packets left. Only 8 is used. So little people need it?

This is only experience packet. If you want it more effect, you have to purchase more than 10k installs ~ 500 USD

5 packets still remain. Thanks you for visited

Please send one package to me here :D.

Also, in your description you say that it costs 0.05$, but in reality it’s 0.10$, just registered on your website… Am i missing something?

0.05 per install, 0.1 is install+ rate bro. register and pm skype bro

It’s ended. But we’ll give again if this post reach 300 views. Have a good day everyone

We are giving bonus reviews when you order installs. reviews are guaranteed in 3days. Please order buy app installs and get free reviews

Thanks for sharing.

update : we dont have reviews service but keywords service is very good

Happy new year customers