2 Sports Cars


“2 Sports Cars” - We offer you our very exciting game, called “2 Sports Cars.”
The whole essence of the “2 Sports Cars” game is to obtain high scores by moving cars on two parallel roads. In the game you will find 2 sports cars, one red, the other yellow, and two well-defined roads with constant traffic. Using two fingers tap, manage each sports car to collect the containers with petrol and go around dangerous obstacles that fall your way. Game “2 Sports Cars” based not only on overcoming obstacles, but as well as on the growing speed. Thus, you can earn agility.
Here we must be very careful. At first it seems difficult? - Then everything will be very easy, as progressing, you develop a lot of abilities.
The game can catch your attention and will help to develop:
You will get the desire to be first, and win yourself
Play the “2 sports cars” with friends and get high scores…
Playing the game “2 sports cars” is very simple: to bypass the circles with crosses and collect barrels of petrol. Be careful not to miss a single one. Due to fluent transitions of the cars, you will play with pleasure.

Absolutely free game “2 Sports Cars" has no age restrictions. It can be played in any spare time and entice long. Check whether you can control two cars simultaneously. The accompanying background music and all elements of the “2 sports cars” game, which were collected in the minimalistic design, will immerse you in a world of extreme sports racing. “2 sports cars” - is a game that you will not get tired or bored of. You can play it anytime and anywhere.
In order to fully enjoy the game “2 sports cars” you must be very calm and focused.
So feel free to download game “2 sports cars”, entertain, grow your abilities and beat high scores!

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