2 Problems with Airpush integration

im just integrating AirPush in-app SDK with one of my new app. i have 2 problems, i think these are common for you so i would like to hear your opinion.

problem 1 : Categories

when you add new app to the AirPush dashboard, you have to select a category and a sub category. but these categories are totally wired, they don’t match with the categories of google play. i felt in to a really difficult situation when selecting a category.

problem 2: ad callback listener

as all other smartwall networks, airpush has an ad listener. but i noticed it’s not working correctly. for an example when i run my app i saw this message in the logcat

09-04 14:14:22.590: I/InAppSDK(29208): SmartWall JSON: {“status”:140,“count”:0,“url”:"",“message”:“Campaign not available”}

according to the message this wouldn’t show the smartwall. but it won’t even fire the onError() method in the adlistener. so im missing the chance to show another ad(like mobilecore) if airpush isn’t available :frowning:

For problem 2: The ad listener of banners also have the same problem, I really don’t know what is the onError() function of airpush ads is used for ? @@

I’m having same issue, the new SDK has been showing “no campaigns available”. My revenue and ecpm are plummeting :confused: