2 apps suspended, but not my account, what should I do?

So I have 2 apps that have been suspended but my account is still live. I’m afraid to publish any apps for fear that my developer account will be terminated. Should I create another account in my wife name and push?

Has anyone dealt with a situation like this before and what was your experience?

Use it to publish apps which follow Google play policies and another account for your normal apps…

If i create a new account in my wifes name will they link my account and then ban them both?

You never know, but try to use as much things different as possible (credit card, email address, her computer, create apps on her computer, test apps on her phone etc.).

My experience when there are 3 apps suspended… Then my account was terminated too and my other accounts that related also suspended too…finally you cannot create other accounts from PlayStore…it is a big problem.

Take care your apps remain

You can have as many accounts as you wish. Create the new account and either don’t touch or unpublish the apps in the old account.
The only way Google will link them (and they will) is if they ban one of the accounts. Just do your best to make sure that no more app bans happen on the account in question.