170 downloads, 85 total cents earned in 6 months...

I see all kinds of apps, even throwaway apps earning much more downloads in a shorter period of time. Why is this?

The game is this


The download numbers are huge but only 85 cents, Isn’t too small? By the which source you’re using to get more downloads? i Mean paid/organic source?

downloads numbers are huge? what the **** are you talking about

About the game, quality is just a factor to succeed but every day this % is lower and lower, seems that indies still do not understand this and they keep spending months or years in developments that will 100% fail. An advise is learn how to rank, get a good user base, do cross promotion, look for ASO tricks… this is the real important thing, quality without ASO is useless

check your acquisition channel, how much store listing visitor for that app? how many of them install your app (percentage)?
if your visitor is low, you need to improve your icon and ASO (Title & description),
if you have many visitor but low install conversion, then you need to improve your screenshot.

Note: also try to increase your app rating (ask for help to your family and friend), because user prefer app with good rating…

Wow, the app looks great, it must feel bad not to get any downloads. I would definitely look in to ASO. Reach out to bloggers and youtubers that review apps. It does take a few weeks to get some traction, but you need to do ASO and get some publicity.

Some of the screenshots probably could be better. The second one for example has a pure white ghost with no face or anything… that looks pretty bad when compared to the rest of the background. The third screenshot’s colors on the left are kind of blinding also…

Anyway the rating is good so you probably should try try to do some keyword SEO and to spread the game around on sites like reddit. Although some might see that the game has not been updated in a year so might be put off by that so maybe you should add a new update? If you post it to 100 sites if just 2 people per site install it then it would be more already. Then each person has a possibility of sharing it on social media or something. My plan is to actually try to post about my game in every place I can find. I am going to be googling where other indie games have gone viral then post it in every one of those places.

Another option might is to just release it as a new game with a few updates or something but this time try to get lots of installs in the first few days. The current rating is good though so maybe not…

Only 170?
What you can do with 170.There billions of android users.You are failed to promote your app link in facebook grouos,whatsapp,twitter,forums…Etc

I actually promoted on groups. but it seems like google boycotted it or something i can’t understand it. I have the download numbers MOST PEOPLE WHO LAUNCH APPS HAVE ON FIRST DAY. For each 10 page visits I get around 3 downloads, so visits/downloads is pretty good. It’s visits which is BAD. I don’t know why this happens and its so frustrating, because I see EVERYONE getting more than 100 i first day WITHOUT ANY MARKETING OR SOCIAL MEDIA DONE, JUST ORGANIC and I got that i almost 7 months, its ridiculous and does not make any sense. It’s like I have artificially low visibility or something…

I actually released my second game, let’s see how it goes…


You need you buy downloads. So it will rank higher.

You say most people get 170 average downloads on launch day without any marketing? I dont think so, i need to hear more opinions on this, someone can share his experiences please…

How to decide how much percentage is good or bad? To say good, how much percentage is enough ? My application’s percentage is about %35 is it good or bad?

I would say it is fine

Stop worring about amount of installs others get…You already got good advices… Make ASO, invest in some promotion and mentions on app reviewers blogs and channels and increase your ranking in other countries, don’t focus just in US store. Make localized ASO for at least 5 languages… you’ll see a huge difference. Also… what kind of monetization strategy you’re following? MAybe is just a matter of changing to another ad company or make some filtering.

¿Qué estrategia de monetización utilizas? Si monetizas con publi quizá pueda ayudarte en algo


Bro, you should have try to work with a publisher , your game is awesome !

Contact me if you would like to discuss possibility to publish with us.