160.000 new users per day... Admob, airpush ??

I have 160000 new users per day in mys apps . I work with Admob (1500 eur per day) only interstitial

Someone know any sponsor better than Admob ?

Can i know your app?

You can get a lot more ,
You can try :
Start app : PPD and thank you for using my referral link in my signature
Airpush for Smart walls and PPD as well

160,000 users a day means you spam to the max, no way in hell you run 100% white hat and pulling close to 200k actives a day. Not even top 20 on “top new free apps” pulls that hard, I had 5 apps in top 20 in 80+ countries at one time and I was only doing 100k-150k installs a day

but, i suggest airpush

how can i know my apps rating
and thank you

App Annie - App Ranking, Analytics, Market Intelligence

You should read this

300M downloads and $600M in revenue say Google is the ‘loser’s choice’ in mobile games monetization | VentureBeat | Marketing Tech | by John Koetsier

Hey @Ruting you can have a look at Pollfish. It leaves well with other ad networks like AdMob you are already using and therefore you can just add upon your current revenue!


For me so far Startapp is the best… If you want bonus at start - register with my referral: StartApp - Developer Register :slight_smile:

I have read that before, but I remember, that flappy bird was using admob banners. At least in my location

In my experience admob is the best and most reliable network. And note some people might tell you to register for some ad network with their url just so they get a bonus from you and not because that network is good

Bullshit!Admob can ban you any time without any reason and without any reply from support. I know more than 10 people with banned admob without reason. They have normal games. If he spam play store, ban is 100% in some time.

That doesn’t mean they don’t pay well. The question here is about money

Are you serious? They ban you, they keep the money.

…and admob was always joke with ecpm/ctr, double click feature changed it into the worst network ever :smiley:

well, I get ~3.5$ eCPM, almost all the time with interstitial. Double click, and they also remove accidental clicks, but still the best eCPM among other networks

If you are interested in better monetization, then hit me up. We have a great program going on right now, that is very successful. I doubt anyone can beat our payouts and attentive service. We certainly can beat your current solution (admob).