1000 % increase in startApp CPM. anyone get it ?

I noticed 1000% CPM increase on my startApp today.
My highest CPM for last 4 months wad just $0.41 & suddenly today it was $4.65 ?

Anyone except me noticed it ?

It happened to me all the time!
Daily 0 eCPM and one day … BAM … 71$ :confused:

About how many impressions, clicks, CTR are we talking?

How many impressions & clicks on that $71 CPM ?

on 11th January,
Impressions = 518
CPM = $0.41
revenue = $0.21

on 12th January,
Impressions = 573
CPM = $0
revenue = $0.00

on 13th January,
Impressions = 505
CPM = $0
revenue = $0.00

on 14th January,
Impressions = 484
CPM = $4.65
revenue = $2.25

30 impressions =.=
so sad! :((

my eCPM of startapp suddenly down 33 times yesterday. From 10$ -> 0.34$
Very sad

Hey Guys,

Thanks for sharing with everyone the results, let me explain why you’re seeing such changes.

As you know, most advertisers are paying for app installs. So if King.com is the advertiser, they will pay only if someone clicks and then downloads the Candy Crush app.

With a small amount of impressions, the variation of eCPM can be huge, as a single install can suddenly generate revenue over a day with $0 eCPM.

So, let’s say 500 daily impressions -
Day 1: no clicks and no installs = $0 earning and $0.00 eCPM
Day 2: 5 clicks and 2 installs = $4 earning and $8 eCPM

These extreme drops and jumps in eCPM are normal for small impression counts.

Hope this explains it,


How many daily impressions do you need for considering to give a guaranteed ecpm (say guaranteed ecpm of $1/$1.5)? And pls. make yourself net10 or net15

Hi Javaexp, there are more factors coming in other than purely the no. of impressions. But generally, this is not something we offer.

Shoot me an email, let’s discuss this outside the forum.

About the net terms, I hear ya. I’ll push for this change internally.

Please discuss everything here. All of us would like to know, how many impressions are required for guaranteed cpm ?

I have read somewhere that, startApp doesn’t track installs, they just track clicks.And they pay only for clicks. It doesn’t matter if user installs a game or not.
Is it true ?

Hi bhavin,

Nope, that’s not accurate.

We track the entire process, from impression through click and install. And we pay you, the developer, based on the performance your users generated and depending on which ads were running.

So some advertisers may pay for clicks, and some pay for installs. We gather up the total revenue from the app and share it with the developers.

So you get paid both for clicks and installs, it all depends on which ad campaigns are running at that time.


I see.
But can you update developer dashboard to allow us - devs - can have a closer look to the numbers of clicks and installs?
Like admob :slight_smile:
I will appreciate it! :slight_smile:

I’m using the in_app Interstitial Ads. The Ad Impressions didn’t change , about 60K Impressions daily, but The eCPM suddenly fall down 60% from 14/1/2014. Is there any problem about the StartApp Interstitial Ads ?

Same to me. I emailed to startapp and get the answer the reason comes from one of their customers. They have no solution to take our revenue becomes more stable. :frowning: