1000$ in a Educational game - Help!

Hi! We have got a question…
What is the best way to spend $ 1,000 to promote an educational game?

We will launch a new educational game and we want to make a good marketing campaign to keep him in the top of the Top 100 Educational.
We have about 25 games released with a few downloads in total (150,000) and would like to thank cross promotion with this new, increase downloads at all.
To do this, we think we have to have a game in the top that encourages others

We have done tests with Facebook but we have not received facilities in several days.
We tested waypedia ayet-studios with Hight retention. Thanks to them we have managed to reach the top 50 in several countries but when we stop buying, the game falls within days of all the rankings

We want to maintain position for several months and seek the most effective way.
Can you help?

PM me and we can discuss a marketing plan for your app

Thanks for your answer, I send you a pm. But I’d like the opinion of non-professional of Installs users.

Can you tell us how many dowloads you have purchased to reach top 50. And did you targeted any specific countries or worldwide?

In one app for the first week, arround 2000 for 1 Top10 and 4 Top100. worldwide

Any suggestion?

Top 50 ? Who scrolls all the way down to the 50th spot? If it’s not top 5 or Top 10 at worst it doesn’t matter. I’d say keep trying with Facebook, change things around in your ads - the audience interests , age , income, location, image and so on. Make at least 5 different ads and let them run at $5 budget a day. See what which campaign works best and increase the budget gradually . Facebook ads needs a lot of tweaking but can be done. Good luck