1000 High Retention Youtube Views to increase promo video visibility -Reviews Avail.

1000 High Retention Youtube Video Views


What does “High Retention Mean”?
High Retention means that our users watch 80-100% of your video. Other services who offer regular retention only watch 30 seconds
of your video. Youtube loves videos that are watched for a majority of their duration.

When do the views start coming in?
Orders are automatically started by our system. Youtube has a delay when showing view count so allow 24 hours to pass before looking for updated view count

Is this Safe?
We use 100% safe methods and our users are REAL. We have never had a video get pulled because of our service.

10 Free Reviews Available
We will give you 1000 free Youtube Video Views for your to test our service. After your free order is
delivered, please write about your experience on this post so that other users can see the quality of our services.
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I’ll take a free review copy. Do I send you my youtube link?

Hi. I had accepted your deal for 1000 youtube viewers in exchange for a review of your service. So here I am:

Ordering was pretty easy. At the checkout I entered the coupon you provided and it brought my total to $0 which means free I guess. About 2 minutes later I received a message (automatic I assume) telling me that my order had been started. After about 2 hours I was wondering when my views would come in so I used the chat thingy on your website. Nicholas the chat support guy was very helpful and nice, and he explained to me that sometimes youtube takes a while to update the views count. The next day I check my video and I had about 400 new views on my video. Then at the end of the day I got an email letting me know that my order was completed. As I discussed with Nicholas I am ready to start my custom order of 25000 views so please send me the invoice. I am glad I tried this service and recommend it to everyone.

By the way here is a screenshot of the average view duration which I think is the retention that you talk about:

Thank you for your honest review. We have added 25% more video views to your order free of charge. By the way, your app is really well made. The graphic artist did a really good job.

Well, let’s see how this goes, you guys will be the first time for me to try this out!

I requested the package with the coupon code and all looks good, except for that i have trouble with the email-confirmation link, which returns a 404.

I just registered for the service to test it. What I don’t like in the registration process is the extra mandatory details. For example, (State/County) which is not available in all countries. Also the images for the (comments, likes, downloads) and their quantities. You might create different images that represents comments, download and likes.

Entered the video link.

The confirmation link I got in my email is not working. Don’t see any new view on my video ?

Please PM me and I will get this fixed for you
Has your problem been fixed?

All good! Can’t wait to see the results :wink:

OK: the views are delivered, YouTube Analytics has caught up and it’s time for the review on the free order of 1000 views. This is the first time i have used a service like this and I am very happy about the results.

- Ordering: Was straight-forward: picking the service and package is simple and they use the very well-know cart system for ordering. Only minor hiccup was an error in the confirmation email, which required me to click a link to confirm my mail-address. This link returned a 404, but a message to customer-support solved this within the hour.

- Customer-support: Fast, usually responds within the hour and solved my issue quickly and professionally.

- The delivery: Views delivery started within 24 hours and they were delivered quickly, though maybe a bit too fast for realism as most views were delivered within the next 24-36 hours. Retention quality is very good though: around 98-99%! My video is 17:56 long and all the views delivered watched around 17:55 of my video, again more variety in duration might be more realistic. Views came from a lot of different locations too which is very good too as YouTube does check these things.

Overall: I’m very happy about the service, what was asked was smoothly delivered and the views delivered were actually more than 1000 as my view count went from around 30 to 1229. This was the first time that i have tried this and i am certainly going order a package from SocialRankBoost. They are slightly more expensive than other services i have checked however and they don’t seem deliver things like likes and comments in their packages. But: you get bang for your buck and the service is of high quality, which i can’t say for sure about those other services, so if you are looking for a quality boost in your views this is the service for you!

Can i get it for review…?

EvilDraggie thank you for your honest review. We pride ourselves in having 100% satisfied customers.

wow, thank you for information, however, I would like to ask you if you’re able to show me the reviews of your services. By the way, what’s about the price of your services? Is it cheaper than boosting from these guys https://massmediaplus.com/services/youtube/? Simply, I’ve been their client for many years and I’m sure of them, and their services provide views of real people, but your services? Frankly speaking, I am quite pleased using their services.

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