$100 for one App?

is it possible to have $100 earnings from one App per day?

I saw this app and got some internal info. its huge success.


How it could be achieved?

$100 per day from one app is very achievable.

The app you posted the link should be making at least $300-500+ per day since it has a lot of downloads and I guess a lot of active users…

Success achieved by work, knowledge and of course luck)

Below app makes $85 per day on an average as developer claimed.


I have developed one app(took 73 days,5 hour per day) in tools category and it makes me $7 on an average. I wonder how to focus on a single App and make similar revenue.

I made another app(took 91 days,5 hour per day) with very good GUI and lots of expectation, but its giving me only $0.30 per day. struggling to get the ideas of focussing on single project and promising revenue.

suggestions are appreciated…

Look at the top earning apps. They are mostly games. Make a game if you want a better chance to make lots of money.

Also… aim for $1000/day … not $100 … even if you don’t get there, you could still be making $500/day.

You need to trick your brain to thinking about life differently! It is like at school… if you aim to only pass a test, you will never do well. If you aim to get 100%… you might only get 90%… but 90% is VERY good! So aim high!

First link i posted does not show any ADS, no IAP. Its absolutely free.

what kind of apps these are? and how they are making revenue out of such apps?

Some people just don’t want to make money from it. They are have no interest in it, are using the app as a portfolio for work or they already have a great job.

Or they want to make the App more popular and get maximum downloads. May be they have an eye on a big buyer for their App.

I think one day they sell the App to someone and get money which is much higher than the earnings made by that App in its life time.

Correct me if i am wrong on this.