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New extremely intrusive ad network - Mobario : BadApps

What about this, Mr. Mobario_Man ? I don’t want my apps to be shot by some reddit junkies.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I have responded to the post.

Hi There,

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to address this issue. We take such comments as yours very seriously, and we have already started to act on this issue.

Before I go into addressing your specific comment, I would like to state that Mobario is not an Ad Network, but rather an Add-On to other apps which enables users to Multi-Task. Our company’s mission is to enhance the user’s mobile experience.

In the coming days, we will be releasing a new SDK which the user will be able to hide the “Arrow” and return it when they decide.

In regards to compliancy matters, Mobario continues to follow all of Google’s Old & New policies.

*According to the new and older policy, developers may change the system appearance if the user gave them their consent. Before Mobario enables its OnTopWidget we display to the user a video tutorial and afterwards we prompt them a EULA where they are asked if they want our product. We enable Mobario only after the user’s consent.

**We do not drop icons or shortcuts on the user desktop to lead to commercial advertising. Rather we create a new floating layer that gives the user its content according to its preferences - so in reality Mobario improves the user’s experience, which is the main objective of Mobario - enhancement of the mobile user’s experience.

Mobario is very similar in the technology to Facebook Messenger (https://play.google.com/store/apps/d....facebook.orca) & other Floating apps (see examples: https://play.google.com/store/search?q=floating)

***The user knows at every moment the source app of the OnTopWidget, so the user can stop it easily when not wanted anymore.

Furthermore, Mobario will continue to develop its widget to remain compliant at all times and enhance the UI of the user.

All this leads our team and the 1000s of app developers which have partnered with Mobario over the past months, weeks and days, to conclude that Mobario follows without a doubt the Google Play Developer Program Policies.

Just to state the obvious: I recommend removing any trace of Mobario from your play store description, so people wont find it. Having a couple of reports from random users can potentially harm you a lot.

i signed up today for mobario’s sdk. the price seems attractive and their support was helpful and patient. from what i read on the forum, they still seem to be compliant. so if i take into account the “risk” versus returns, i am going to try. will keep you all posted on what happens :slight_smile:

Ok so these are the numbers after 24 hours:
Google recorded 1374 installs and Mobario recorded 1083 installs. According to the acceptance rate of the EULA and Unique installs, it seems to be a good start :slight_smile: Let’s home it continues this way.

Hi @Lion King,
Thank you for giving Mobario a chance. We are sure that you and other developers will find Mobario very lucrative and compliant.
To those of you who haven’t yet started to take advantage of our $100 bonus, this is the time!

Hey Mobario - does your dashboard having a delay? I don’t have actual stats