$100 a day

About a 6 months ago I developed a simple app and put that on play store. did this just for fun. people didn’t even download that on first few months. I had like 20 - 50 downloads per day. I almost forget that.

but about two days ago I checked my all email where I found hundreds of email came to me from people using app. most of them are just blank :rolleyes:
So I checked app stats and found out app is getting 3k downloads a day with 60k+ active installs :cool: I shocked & just put an admob banner ad. now after two days I’m getting about $100 a day with over 10% CTR. I have most traffic from USA. about 10 - 18K impressions a day

my problem is I saw some people saying on forums 10% CTR is abnormal. I made sure users dosent click my ads by mistakes. & saw another thread (http://forums.makingmoneywithandroid.com/income-reports/13546-how-i-beat-odds-make-%24-worth-noticing.html) with guy claiming he having same amount of money for impressions i’m having. but still i’m not sure. just need your opinion. is this normal ?

Either way, its not wise to use admob. Maybe consider mopub, that way if (or rather, when) admob bans your account, you are not ****ed

Do they still have that sdk lib that you have to compile by yourself ? When I read the “How to integrate” page I just gave up.

Seriously someone needs to tell them to make a one script solution just like Admob, Chartboost, StartApp…

I believe 10% CTR is very high. But as long as you are following all the rules and policies and stuff I wouldn’t worry about it. I have about a 1.4% CTR for all traffic.

Is your banner on the top or bottom, I’m just curious.

Also, what kind of app is it?

thank you. what about airpush

banner is on top and its about joke stories and stuff.

Well, my average CTR for admob banners is around 0.7%. 10% is really huge and may bring some problems with their fantastic automatic emailing system.

10% is abnormal, but congrats on your success! sometimes the apps just ranks… or tanks for no damn reason

you’re not promoting this app? share the link to game? this sounds weird to me and 10% MUST trigger some autobot from google. Be on the lookout for them making stuff up and banning the account. I would not think that the best game or the worst game, gets 10% ctr.

cant figure how to stop that :frowning:

thank you. what is app ranking ? you think app ranking might trigger some kind of high CTR campaign on my app

without any fault of mine. would I get banned ?

Never used airpush, so no opinion.

Hi appname,

Congratulations on the app :slight_smile:

I just wanted to let you know that with AdBuddiz you could make an even higher revenue.
On AdBuddiz you are paid each time you generate installs for our advertisers (as long as you don’t incentivise your users to install our advertised apps and that your app doesn’t contain adult content, there is no reason for you to get banned).
There is no limit to your revenue and we always make payments on time!

If you would like more information please contact me on [email protected] or on Skype: adbuddiz.

I’ve got a couple games in the appstore but only make about a dollar/day. Any tips you can share and what type of game you’ve created?

hello clara ,

thank you for the info. can you please tell me how much you pay for single USA install

thank you

its not a game. simple humor based app

Hi appname,

It varies depending on the campaign but on average you would receive around $2 for an install in the USA.
Is there anything else I can help you with?


can we get the link to this game? maybe the issue is IN the app… in which case, you will probably get banned. just my opinion. (google is ban happy, well…lets say the bots.)