1 lac ad requests and just $50 from admob is it worth developing for android/admob

1 lac ad requests and just $50 from admob is it worth developing for android/admob

i recently launched an app in playstore in march with admob

initially there were not more than 100 downloads for the first week

suddenly we had 1000 downloads for 3-4 days, this was google analytics data, which never got reflected in playstore

then for few days we had 500 downloads again analytics data

all the below things happened without marketing

then after 15 odd days playstore started showing we had 1000 downloads , where as analytics showed almost 5000 users (even if add the uninstalls the maths does not add up)

then we are having about 150-200 downloads each day and now according to play store we have reached 7500 users of which 3600 are active

now after such number we expected to get at least $100 , while the app has generated enough screen views and add requests 1 lac to be precise

the revenue is not as expected, is admob better or any other ad network more over is it worth to develop for android , there are so many apps which are not updated and have been lying around with mere 1000 downloads , which get ranked higher in search , giving no value to new apps even with better downloads and ratings. The app development ecosystem at just $1.5 a day is not sustainable for developers we had planned to launch more apps but considering the results of first app it seems no use for developing those apps .

app development is difficult , unlike website development which has many tools, google should really take into consideration these factors and should help developers maintain a better earnings rate, other wise reading this forum it gives a sense of exodus by many developers.

recently google launched deep linking and app indexing instead of making the developer go through new coding work to be undertaken for an existing app why not just provide a link to apps like they do for images and youtube video on the main google search pages itself , moreover what about the old users who would not update their app , that really makes app indexing useless.

There are many point which i think are important and it all boils down to this 1 lac ad requests and just $50 is not a fair game for developers to take such efforts, really make it interesting for developers to get better results for revenue.

It is worth developing for android as much as i can say. Ad Networks this year seems to have very low ecpm compared to the previous years and that’s quite obvious when you take in consideration the increasing competition in the play store every year.

Its all up to you to create an app that makes the difference. Users download only if they know about your app and if it interests them. There are many promotional services to promote your app. But the real question is, is your app worth promoting? Think about it!

Yes, apps are worth to make if developer know how to advertise the app.

Ofcourse apps/games must of good quality.

Days are not far when multiple developers within same home will increase the competition.

So extra work is required rather than warming the bed/chair.

$50 is more than good for 100000 impression with a network like admob which is stable for years and best in its business.
Try others with same traffic to know the results.

admob is very very unstable for fraud clicks.

I have 3 lacs ad request & earning only 65$ per day…