1 Developer Account and 2-3 Admob Accounts

I want to ask a simple question. I have one developer account and about 10 apps.
All my 10 apps use a single AdMob account.
I am developing one other app and I want to use another AdMob account for this
new app
Can this be done?
Do I risk the accounts from being banned or anything like that?

[Edit] to make it more clear probably:

App1, App2…App10 have ads from the same AdMob Account

NEWAPP will have ads from a new/different Admob Account

Do I risk anything from having apps with different admob ads on my Developer Account?


The other admob account will not be mine, my friend owns it.

Thanks alot.

As per I know this should not create any problem.

I can be wrong, but as far as I know, you can only have one Admob account per person (but I am not sure). I guess I saw somewhere, that you have to close first, to open second

google suspended my gplay accounts but my admob is still fine, is it safe to use on new accounts, I haven’t used it since my first account got banned and I had like 10+ accounts since then all banned now.

Its not mine.
10 apps will have my admob account.
The new app will have ads from my friend’s admob account.


I had few accs banned, but not admob. Do you think its safe to use admob? I havent got my apps banned for this, but for… something else :slight_smile: