$1,000 bonus for apps that will integrate Pollfish - Limited offer

At Pollfish we are offering $1,000 bonus for apps that will integrate Pollfish the next 10 dates(5/3/14) and have more than 100k unique active users per day. This is a limited offer and will work on a first come first served option. If anyone is interested please drop me a message.

Pollfish is a new innovative way of monetization for Android and iOS apps that delivers 10-20x more revenue than standard mobile advertising!

Pollfish is a survey platform that delivers surveys through mobile apps. Integration of the single line SDK is easy, fast and does not reserve any extra space on the developer’s app UI as its displayed as an overlay (see attached screenshots below). Users responding to Pollfish surveys win prizes - happy users!

Pollfish surveys are displayed through an app only when a paid survey is available, otherwise they are never displayed to the user as if Pollfish was never integrated in the app. The minimum revenue for each completed survey through an app is $0.30!

In addition, Pollfish can be used along with any ad platform as it is displayed as an overlay and can be placed anywhere in an app, just to bring extra revenue!

You can see our promo video below:


Or download our Android demo app from Google Play, where you can see how a Pollfish survey is displayed through a mobile app!

Demo App


100k unique active users per day is toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

I agree , 100K DAU is way too much , even if a developer has this number currently , updating apps and redirecting all the users will take more than 10 days ,
So this is just another joke bonus “At least for me” …

Pollfish sucks tried them already and didn’t make dick with them. I made maybe 30 cents with them in 4 months with like 35 apps.

Hello @Pharaoh. Thank you for your post. You are right 100k DAU are way too much, but this is why we have the bonus of 1000k which is quite big for a bonus too:) Also it doesn’t matter if it will take 10 or more days, until you finally achieve the final number. In conclusion, this offer is only for apps with specific characteristics and is not applying to the wider audience!

Hello @DroidGenie. Thank you for your email. The behaviour you are describing is very strange. If you like drop me a message to let me know what apps you had. Pollfish pays $0.3 for each completed survey through an app. If you had Pollfish for 4 months and you had only $0.3 then something was wrong obviously. Even if you were answering a survey every 3-4 days for months you would made enough money. With $0.3 this means that only you, or any user of yours, through 35 apps answered only one survey for 4 months. Completion rates vary on the platform from 1-10% according to app context and implementation (incentivization or not). You had 0%!!? :frowning: This is quite strange and I will be happy to look into this case to see what went wrong. At last, please keep in mind that certain type of apps do not have completion rates in the platform do to the nature of how Pollfish works (surveys) and the context of the app (e.g. wallpaper apps). Best completion rates are achieved with news apps. quote, words, puzzles etc.

I tried you guys when you first started so you guys weren’t serving any survey’s to my users.

Hey @DroidGenie. Sorry to hear that. Just pm you to get more info and have a look on your case!

with that number of DAU i would average 10K daily :smiley: !

this didn’t work for me either - rough stats - 1000 surveys shown - earned 96 cents, might be better for others tho

10K a day with 100k unique users is a over exaggerated, but definitely for developers with such DAU count 1000$ bonus isn’t really appealing so developer would drop all other tasks to update their app for maybe few more bucks a month.
I know it’s hard to develop new business, especially this kind where no one wants to make surveys if there isn’t people to whom survey and vice verse, but your bonuses and requests from developers in return is far off and it will be very hard for you to find such developer.

I also integrated polfish in my app some time ago. I was checking if there is a survey very often, finally in one week I saw only one (Germany).

And, anyway, you have to give the user something in return. Why he would complete the survey? They click on add, because they want to install the app, but what survey gives them? Nothing.

hello @Javanshir. Thank you for your email. Surveys on the platform start and stop at any time based on survey creator needs and targeting criteria. Surveys are scheduled also on specific time zone criteria according again to the creators’ needs. Now regarding incentivization, users are prompted to answer a survey in order to get into a draw for a gift, for example, an amazon gift card. You can see how it works with Pollfish Demo app here.

I’m starting to explore new ways of monetizing my freemium educational based apps & one of them which came across my mind is through incentivized revenue model. Pollfish seems a right candidate but I have a couple of questions to be clarified :

  1. How do you compare with other incentive based ad networks such as TapJoy & AdColony ?. ( Particularly, in term of CPM value )

  2. How about survey inventory for Southeast Asia region ?

  3. What is your minimum revenue per completed survey for this region particularly for Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia & Thailand countries. (As a benchmark, typical Admob’s CPM for banner here is around $0.40)


Hey @WNASH! Thank you for your message and for your interest at Pollfish.

Pollfish has very high performance when used in apps that developers incentivize their users too. Pollfish biggest inventory and traffic is not only from US but from areas like South Korea, Singapore, India etc. We do not use standard terminologies like other ad networks since the process for surveys is completely different. We have completion rates which include a three steps process. Pollfish lives well with other ad networks so you ca use it just to boost your revenue. Just to give you a picture here of what is going on in terms of performance 1-6% completion rates are achieved without any incrntivization by the dev. Everything depends on content of the app. For any region globally developers get minimum $0.30 for each completed survey. If you have more questions please let me know I will be happy to help. You can also email me at [email protected] at any time.

and I think Pollfish can work on amazon store too right?

Yes that’s right!

then point me to registration page and pls put it in your signature

I still think asking people to complete a pollfish survey in return for contents in the app is incentivized advertising which Google says is not compliant according to their policy. They have it in their policy (again) that will be coming active in few days.
Someone please prove me wrong as I find it hard for users to fill a survey with no incentives

Hey @hanfoosh. Users can be incentivized to complete a survey, however there are 3 ways to opt-out of a survey even when deciding to take it, so this does not create any issue with the new policies. Pollfish also delivers surveys, not ads.

We have run several campaigns through the platform with incentives, with charity motivation, or even without any incentive achieving similar results which means that main user motivation is not the incentive. most probably is the curiosity of what the survey is. However using incentive can increase completion rates that’s true!