$1.00 per install SDK????

I lost the email but back around March of 2012 I received an email from a company that was offering $1.00 per install of your app if the user kept you app for 30 days.

They would also continue to pay $1.00 per month for each user who kept you app that long. Now these people did not have ads in their sdk.

In their SDK they were collecting information on how people use their phones and what places they go to eat and visit, they were just wanting to collect information.

At the time I refused because I was making like $2000 a day from notification ads so who was wanting to test an sdk when it is hard to keep users for 30 days on an app.

Does anyone have any idea who this company is or if they are still around? I see that 10 Percent of my users will keep my app installed for over 30 days, so 1000 downloads can be $100 per month or more some people will get 25% to keep apps for 30 days.

I hope these people are still around and I would love to test them out now.

If anyone here have information on who this company is then please post here.