$0 (zero) eCPM from Vungle

I have recently released my game on Google Play. It has a vungle integration to show video ads. I can see over 200 completed views on the dashboard. However it does not generate any revenue. So, the ecpm is $0. Do you see such a behavior?

I have tested Vungle some time ago (it wasn’t long test) and my experience was the same - many completed views, but no earning and ecpm was nearly all the time 0. From time to time (about once in a week) there was eCPM jump but earning were small. From this experience I decided not to use them, and not to use video ads.

Vungle’s ecpm is not bad in iOS platform. However, the same game on android platform generates no revenue at all :frowning: Should I try AdColony instead? Or Applifier?


I up this post cause i got the same problem, over 100 installs per day and my ECPM is at 0$, where the problem come from?

Vungle is performance based - unless your users are installing the apps Vungle promotes in the videos, you aren’t going to earn any revenue.

Have you tried any CPM based ad networks?

FYI, Adcolony is performance based too.


Sorry to hear you’re getting $0 eCPM but that probably due to no users installing the promoted apps. Many other video ad networks are performance based as well such as AdColony, they pay on completed views and Unity Ads which is also performance based. If you’re looking to monetize with video I’d suggest giving AerServ a try as we are NOT performance based and we pay on CPM (impressions). So you, as a publisher will be paid on impressions regardless if the user watches the whole video or doesn’t install the app. Performance based networks are great but they need to convert for you to see any significant eCPMs.

Additionally, AerServ offers a video mediation platform which supports various other ad networks such as Vungle and AdColony should you continue to want monetize with them. With our platform you can easily see which networks are preforming the best and yielding highest CPMs and prioritize your waterfall. This way you’re constantly optimizing your revenue and ensuring you’re getting highest CPMs and fill rate.

I’d be more than happy to give you a demo of our platform. Feel free to email me on ping me.

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Hello, @asag I just recently added Adcolony, i don’t really like the fact that the users have to wait 30s… but i give a try.
I’ll keep you informed about the stats, too fresh for the moment:)
@AerServ Thanks you, it looks really nice, paid on the impressions become very rare now. I’ll try your network ads.

With the service I work for, Unlockable, users can opt in to play fun minigames and we split the revenue with you. We pay out per completed game! (Check out the demo at demo.unlockable.com) Unlockable is launching a pilot program for 3-4 mobile app developers to test video-based CPI campaigns this January, and we’re offering a high guaranteed eCPM to participants. I’ve outlined some details below. Please let me know if you’re interested and we’ll set up some time to talk. (Contact me at [email protected])

Unlockable January 2015 Pilot Program

What’s in it for developers?

  • $20 eCPM guarantee for a January 2015 budget up to $20,000
  • Inclusion in brand advertising opportunities ($0.10+ eCPV)
  • Free cross promo


  • Submit Unlockable-enabled app to App Store / Google Play by Monday, January 12, 2015
  • Audience geography: USA and English-speaking countries
  • Reach: 250,000+ MAU

Thank you!


Unlockable is a turnkey cross-platform video solution that converts existing 15s and 30s video ads into lean-forward mini games, allowing users to unlock digital content.

I am also getting zero ECPM from vungle. Somebody please suggest any good CPM network

What do you guys expect with 100 downloads? Vungle is a CPI Ad Network, it only performs well when you have more than 5000 downloads per day. Do a bit of research and look for CPC networks…