Zomberman [FREE] [GAME]


Zomberman is our first published android game. It’s clone on the old popular Bomberman game. The game is free and currently doesn’t have any banners.


There are dark and terrible mazes full of angry and hungry zombies.
Only a brave Zomberman can fight against that horrible creatures.
Blow up walls, kill enemies, find secrets, collect keys
which will help you to escape from that scary mazes.

Game features:

  • colorful graphics
  • 4 scenarios
  • a lot of bonuses and levels
  • quality sound and music

screenshoot_1.jpg screenshoot_2.jpg screenshoot_3.jpg screenshoot_5.jpg

You can download the game here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.trolsoft.zomberman.activity

Any advice would be appreciated.