you're first days in android stores ?

Hello guys, im just starting my android development long highway :D, please i would love it if you guys tell me how many downloads did u get the first day on your apps ? and how long does it take to make good number of daily downloads and of course money :slight_smile:

29 downloads on the first day
now, after a month, im getting 200 downloads daily

that’s great, and how many active users do u have ? also if u don’t mind can you tell me what app is this ? :slight_smile:

Sometimes I’ve had between 1-10, others straight into 100-500. It never correlates with the stable download numbers for me though.

Only a few apps yet. First one received 10-15 daily downloads with huge advertisments by myself in forums and social networks. After a few weeks without any results I gave up on advertisement, and after a month downloads rose to about 100 daily out of no reason and remains for a few months.
Currently 3000 active users and 300-400 active daily users gaining 1-2$ from admob banners.
Second app added just week ago, advertised via house ads, yet still receiving 5-15 daily downloads…

i have 1000 active users from 5000 download
its called Camera Gunshot, check it out on google play

I get arorund 250 - 750 daily downloads in my first week for each app, after 2 weeks I see 5000 - 10000 daily downloads for each app ;). I only make high quality 3D Games with Unity3D and I only focus on in-app ads, so my customers really like my apps. (Time to time I use StarApp also…)

Do you advertise them somehow or you depend just on search, keywords etc?

I’ve made my first 3D game recently and I’m still not sure how not to ruin it ^^ 2600 downloads over 5 days…

*your :smiley:

Depending on the app, 1-500 in the first five days
(yep, 1 is right, I have some pretty weak apps out there xD)

I’m the pathetic one here… Published my app way back in April 2013… After 110 days I have got roughly around 100 downloads… The App is at …:frowning:

[Note : This is not to discourage you… Without proper marketing this happens a lot…]

I’ve noticed recently that one game I really like has only 100+ downloads. I was a little shocked. I was even considering asking the developer - why so few downloads? The game is at least a year old but I don’t remember its title now. Shocking a little that you can make something good and yet fail so greately…

Fail is not about a game, fail is about marketing. You can sell most shit*y product if you have right marketing strategies. If you have $10k budget, $5k of it should be directly spent on marketing.

Another problem is developers are not marketing specialists. This is why you need to get help time to time.

Of course, you can just make spam clone app of a high quality app, and spam everyone. No need hard work, weeks of coding, diving in to complicated algorithms, etc…

I never really marketed anything and none of my apps got stuck at 100+. Which is why I am surprising seeing apps that can’t reach at least 500+ barrier. Maybe times are changing and it’s much harder now than when I was starting?

Your app has pretty cool functions, but I think no one plans to use it. I mean, these functions are pretty helpful, but I had maybe 5 times in my life where I e.g. would have sent a scheduled sms. Just make more apps and your weak ones will be pushed (and used) as well.

my first app was getting around 60 dl a day then it was featured on mashable now Im getting 500 a day

my 2nd app took off randomly after 1 week and started getting 6k dl a day

my 3rd app was published today so I am curious to see how it does my guess is around 200-300 the first week until a review is written

all of this is with $100 spent on marketing

687 downloads in first day

thanks for your advice… planning to create a game…

[ i beleive you have replied for me without the quote… if not just ignore it…:slight_smile: ]

Created my first app and uploaded to google play last week. Has consistently 10 downloads daily. haven’t put any ads

Sorry, but… reviews of air horn app? :smiley:


Dude, comments for your app are super-duper fake and 25 - 5 stars in a row will get you to black list, then to road of banned developers. :stuck_out_tongue:

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