Your recent app submission was rejected for violating the Content Rating Guidelines.

So I got ‘‘Your recent app submission was rejected for violating the Content Rating Guidelines.’’ error.

I got this e-mail:

Hi Developers at xxxxxxx,

I reviewed xxxxxx, com.xxxxx.xxxx, and noticed some content policy issues that need to be corrected. If you submitted an update, the previous version of your app is still live on Google Play.

Policy Issue: Your app was rejected for violating the Content Rating Guidelines. Your app’s advertisements are inconsistent with your app’s content rating.

These guidelines apply to all content in your app, including user generated content, in-app products, and [b]advertisements[/b].

So advertisements was in bold in e-mail. I guess it has something to do with ads? In content rating I checked everything ‘‘no’’. I use AppNext Ads.

So I guess I have to choose some yes in content rating because of ads? Anyone has any idea which ones lol?

Yes I got the same email for an update that I did yesterday. I’m using avocarrot and probably the reviewer saw some asian date ads on my app. I did a recalculation of the content rating by including not explicit sexual content (>12 year old) and applied the certificate. The app was instantly approved in less than 5 minutes and correctly published

this is ridiculous. I am also forced to mark my app as 12+ Gambling in content rating because some ad networks show slots casino ads. The bad part is that on the store listing, it shows to users that 12+ gambling which may cause less conversion from listing view to install.

I got same problem today. Thing is how do I know what ads showed so that I can adjust the relative option in the questionnaire? Should I add some nudity so that the sexual section increases the age?
I can’t change gambling options.

I have this kind of problem with Google since more than one year. But lately they become a lot stricter (I opened a similar thread here last month or so). In the end I made all my Apps 16+ (using some answers from the sexual section even if my App itself would normally be 3+)
In the past I tried to use Filters from Ad Networks to not serve Adult ads or Gambling Ads but in the end it wasn’t working. Even AdMob was serving some Dating ads with the proper filters in place…

So now question is whether to go for yes answer for sexual or gambling in the rating questionnaire ?