yesterday my Admob stat drop 40% did anyone have same problem ?

impression drop 40%
revenue drop 50%

Mine did too. Just a theory here, but I think it has to do with the new apps.admob accounts. The new accounts are available for advertisers as well as publishers, so I’m thinking many of the advertisers are using the new admob. Which may mean that the highest paying ads are not being sent to the old app id’s (don’t know if this is true). I’ve signed up for the new admob and updated my apps to use the new id’s. Will let yall know if it goes back up.

if you updated to new admob be sure to update the banner id too!
i had almost zero yesterday and that was the issue

I’ve had no change in revenue on admob recently, so I don’t think it’s new admob fault.

my admob drop 40% too and sometime i see same problem. I dont know why

this drop is seen by me on old admob too. So don’t worry about new admob stuff (unless you didn’t updated the ids and all)

Same problem here… fill rate <5% from yesterday evening in one of my app, and mediation not working anymore (I had a self promotion message in the app) :frowning:
Hope they’ll fix this, or I’ll need to update the app with a new Id

man…update that id!

i have done it now it is working

Start from this month, my app drop by 50%. I think this cause by new admob.

Maybe it’s related to “High CTR from Unknown Location” issue, they might solve it already because starting about 2 days ago, my CTR from unknown location is completely gone and the total revenue from the app dropped below 50%.

Hi, I can’t update new admob. I’m in Asian. Have anyone in Asian updated new admob?