Worm Puncher

Hi Guys!

Even when the development time of this little game was much longer than I’ve expected in the first place, I just have released the first version of Worm Puncher

In this game you really have to punch the worms in the face - just do it, they are really annoying and they want you to crack your screen! So just punch them right in their face to get rid of them.

There are already some different game modes - but - there is still something missing. There are no highscores at the moment, just because I am hoping for a bit of feedback to make the best decision for the users.

I’ve already played around with scoreloop, but I am still not sure, if I should go with my own score system instead (more work, but more freedom).

Also I have some more ideas about different game modes, but in the first place, I want to look out, what users do think about the game, if they like it and(!) because it is really a HD game if it does perform on smaller/older devices as well (not sure about it).

Have fun, and let me know what you think! Also visit reiti.net to get recent infos

I have a ZTE Blade, which is not the best device I guess. But the game played great on it and the graphics looked great too. No lags or anything like that.

Great idea for a game. I think most users (including me) doesn’t care what’s used for high scores, as long as it works.

I also think you could add a little more variety into it, maybe different type of worms, for example a big one which would take multiple hits to kill, etc. The game’s got great potential to be really good and I’m sure it will become better as you add high scores and new game modes etc. I rated it 5 stars :slight_smile:

Oh, btw, I found a bug. When going to the levels screen and choosing a level with a pad lock I was still able to play it (chose Level 16). At first I thought it might have been intentional (for the ones who thought the earlier levels were too easy) but I beat the level and when going back it was still locked.

Just to add some more ideas… When beating a level you could give the user x out of 3 stars based on the users performance, like Angry Birds does it. Then if you’ve beaten all levels with 3/3 stars you could get some kind of bonus level, or boss fight or something like that which would encourage players to get the best score possible for all levels…

Good luck hope it will become a great success for you :slight_smile:

AH … thanks for the bug report, I may have forgotten to supress the click on locked levels xD damn :slight_smile: but well, it’s v0.9 xD

But yes, the levels are a bit easy, that’s because I want that players get used to the game mechanis - so it starts very easy.

If you want a challenge play survival - also I am thinking about adding more levels - or make the same level with more difficulty (medium / hard / extreme) at some point they will not be beatable anymore xD

I love the idea of the big worm! Will do that xD

The training mode is intended to cover player performance in the future, like precision and speed - that would be a nice feature for p2p challenges

I am also thinking of avatars for the users, where they can built there own worm xD maybe with unlocking different body parts … not completely sure about it yet :wink:

But I wanted to make sure, people like the game before putting many months of effort in it :wink:

Thanks for the kind words, most of the people I showed the game during development had the same reaction: a smile when playing. Finally that was the reason to hold on with it and now trying to improve the game play :wink:

Nice game! Ran smooth on my droid bionic, graphics looked great. Didnt realize at first that it wad my mistaps that were cracking the screen. Maybe you could put in-game instructions.

There is a “Help” Button in the right bottom of the screen, where there is a brief overview of gameplay … not perfect … maybe it is not very visible.

I could force that screen to appear at the first play…

I am not seeing the help button. I tried clicking the bottom right of the screen in the main menu, but nothing. I see a training mode, is that it?

the help button is visible, when you have to choose the difficulty - after selecting the mode … (so press, training, after that the button is there)

it may really be a better approach to just show it the first time a mode is played … that way I could add a help screen for every “difficulty” also

Oh… I see it now, wasn’t looking for it on those screens. I see where you need a help for each mode, but at those screens I’m ready to play and didn’t even see the help button. Maybe it would be best to just show the help before each game. Or you could put a help button on the main menu and another sub screen to choose which mode to show help for.

The avatar idea sounds great Reiti lots of players like customization. Maybe users could unlock different body parts/hair styles etc. by completing different challenges, for example score x points in Survival and things like that. That would encourage users to play the game more. You could also have premium/exclusive stuff which would either cost money or that you could get by completing TapJoy offers.

I spent a lot of time thinking about those extra thingies like unlock stuff, customization and such things to give the game more playtime … or better: give the player more things to achieve.

I think next I will care for high scores in the first place, because that feature is a must in a game like that. I think the ready-to-go solutions (like scoreloop) offer some extra useable features like archievements or challenges which could save me some work

Well the next update was just released!

I have implemented ScoreLoop in Worm Puncher - which works quite well. Because it is the first time, I use it, I hope everything works as expected … let me know if there are any problems with it

Also the campaign mode now features EASY and HARD modes. The levels from the first release is now the EASY Campaign - go ahead and try the HARD one … it’s kinda hard to beat (I haven’t yet).

Have Fun!

PS: May put up a scoreloop tutorial some day because it is not that easy as it sound …

There seems to be something wrong with the leaderboard… In the Easy campaign I have the highest score yet I’m in last place.

Btw the Hard campaign is really hard. Can’t even get past level 9, don’t even want to think about how the final level is :stuck_out_tongue:
Edit: I didn’t mean hard in a bad way, it’s always fun with a challenge :slight_smile:

Yes I’ve seen it … I had something misconfigured and the default ordering does count the level so I have changed it and that has resulalted in screwed scores…

In the first place I tought that there will be a distinct score for each level - but that’s not the case, it’s just another value for sorting … so … well :slight_smile: next version will respect that xD

I have tried now different things and it seems, every new score is ordered right, so I may delete those “wrong” scores, so everything is fine again (hopefully).

The hard campaign is supposed to be hard - indeed it’s really hard … doubled worm speed and therefore doubled need for punched worms - not sure if anyone is fast enough to master the hard campaign xD ( I am not! )

edit: na … somehow it is still wrong … have to investigate it further … highscores for bubble mode are also screwed … may open a ticket for that issue at scoreloop, that’s wierd

Wow, seriously?? Dude I swear I’m working on a really similar game!! Like REALLY similar!! Even the artwork! This is so crazy, it’s like we thought of the same thing!!

Needless to say, I think this game is AWESOME!! I’m loving it, bro!!! Gonna leave my review too!

This really looks and feels fantastic man, congratulations!! =)

That is simply because everyone likes to punch worms in their face xD

(even, when the worms looks a little bit like hotdogs haha) but I actually have forgotten about my first intention to make this game … I think I was fiddling around with inkscape and got the idea of generic characters … made the background, put one of those worms on it (the laughing one, screen filling) and had to laugh also - showed it to my girlfriend she was laughing also and with that proof of being “funny” I began to make a game around it.

Ironically, this first impulse image is not in the final game (yet) …

Thanks the review - will you finish your game anyway?

Hahaha awesome! Yeah, you’ve gotta enter that initial worm into the game, of course!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh definitely, I hope I can finish it this next week. And it’s similar to yours but of course has different mechanics and it just plays differently. And it’s not about worms, it’s about avocados, haha!

I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

Again, great job man, I really like the animations and artistic style, it feels smooth and “poppy” :slight_smile: