World's First Bitcoin to Cash ATM and Debit Card

For the past five years, Bitcoin users have been innovating and creating better ways to make Bitcoin accessible to everybody. In the beginning, it was near impossible to exchange U.S. Dollars for Bitcoin. Now, of course, we use one click of a button on EXKASH, and our transaction completes. It’s fast, easy and simple. When spending money online through Exkash, it’s really easy. The EXKASH Bitcoin Debit Card also very good option to cashout bitcion instantly.

EXKASH offers the world’s only Bitcoin debit card, enabling you to convert Bitcoin to CASH which you can withdraw anonymously from ATMs around the world. EXKASH delivers your Bitcoins FAST, never asks for documents or verification, has no volume limits, provides a Bitcoin ATM card, enables you to Accept Bitcoin payments and allows you to sell Bitcoin easily for CASH!

The Card will be sent within 24 hours upon receipt of payment into our account.
• Withdraw Bitcoin money safely and anonymously in any country with Bitcoin ATM card
Bitcoin Debit card also works for online purchases and point-of-sale at stores
• Bitcoin Prepaid ATM Card is fully anonymous and No name Card without any Documents
• Bitcoin ATM Debit Card Working all over the World including, Africa, Asia, USA or any country
World’s First Bitcoin to Cash ATMand Debit Card with 50$ already loaded
• Price is 100$ ( includes Express shipping cost and 50$ loaded balance)
• Express shipping with DHL or FedEx ( 2 to 5 Days worldwide ).
• You can use your bitcoin debit card to buy goods and services online anonymously.
• You can also use it in stores for online shopping and ATM withdrawal
• Send and receive payments instantly and anonymously to other bitcoin users
• Avoid Bitcoin exchangers who are requiring ID in accordance with new US regulations

For More Detail visit our website = www EXKASH dot com