Working on a milk stout for a nursing wife

I am in the process of working on a milk stout/or other type of beer to help with milk production for a nursing wife. I haven’t done anything in about a year and a half, so this will be my first dive back. I looked at the duck rabbit, left hand, and South tier for inspiration. since she hasn’t had a drink in 9 months and has a baby, I want to stay at 6 and under ABV.

That’s where I am. please let me know if anyone has any feedback or suggestions. Thank you in advance:).

The expense of grain: 60 min mash and 60 min boil
7 pounds Maris otter
1 kg of roasted barley
1 pound of lactose
,75 pounds of chocolate
. 75lb Crystal 60
.5 that oats stopped
by .5 that stopped by barley
.5 Munich malt (not 100% on this Supplement)

horse Racing:
1 ounce of Fuggles or Willamette in 60 (Willamette will be fresh if I harvest enough)
1 oz East Kent Golding at 15

Note: you will also have a lot of cascade when harvesting, but don’t think it will work great in this type of beer.

Irish ale or Cali ale (most likely white lab)

can be 1/2 or whole vanilla bean

it’s so exciting, looking forward to seeing the results

you’re so special here… when I remember my mother talking about breastfeeding and any special moments, she was always saying that I used to grab her really hard and bite the nipples as hard as I could, at least she felt so. No one knows why I was so crucial with her, lol. However, she survived the whole period of breastfeeding and then enjoyed all pleasures of life. Moreover, she says that she was actually happy to try some new formulas and newly-appeared (at those times) baby food. My favorite one was 19 holle goat milk formula. Nowadays, I feed my daughter with it, thanks to and their affordable prices.