WordsWorth [Game] v3.0 on Android

Hi all!

The word game WordsWorth was launched for Android Smart-phones and Tablets [including Kindle Fire and NOOK] on the 29th of March, 2012. In WordsWorth, you link letters to form words on a honeycomb structure; larger the words, more the points you earn.

Featuring cross-platform Multiplayer, Android users can play a game of WordsWorth with their friends on iPhone/iPad/Android devices. There are a host of other features like 3 Single Player Modes, Online Clubs, OpenFeint Achievements and Global Leaderboard support.

Here are a few Screenshots:

Check out the trailer video for WordsWorth

Please do check out WordsWorth on:
Google Play Store (Free)
NOOK Apps($1.99)
Amazon App Store($1.99)

QR code for Google Play Store:

Note: WordsWorth runs best on devices with at least 512MB of RAM, 800MHz Processor and at least a 320X480 Screen

so its like Tetris but with words? looks great! I would totally play it if it would support Dutch language!

Looks like an awesome game! I’ve always liked games like Boggle that have this element of matching letters to make a word. The way it’s been crossed with the Tetris concept here looks great.

I’m downloading it right now, will give it a try today :slight_smile: