Wish Christmas & New to Friends & Families

Dear Friends,

As the Christmas month has arrived & New Year is around the corner.
With this Android app you can send wishes to your frds & families.
This is a free app and available on Google Play.
Here is the link:


Do visit & share us the reviews so that we make this even better.


Im having a hard time making up greetings) This app is perfect for me. Thank you!

Hi Jiten,

The app looks UI looks nice and festive. If I understand correctly It’s only text and no designs\Images, writing greetings is something I’m not very good at as well, so having a collection of ready ones could be nice,
but I think it would be very difficult to compete with other similar apps which have text and cute designs to choose from, even ones you can attach your own family photos and such…
If I miss understood and the app does have images, it should defiantly be in the screen shots

Hi All,

Thank u very much for your response.