Will Airpush release a new SDK before september 23?

As the date approaches I was wondering if Airpush will be releasing a new official SDK?

As Some of you indicated before, the IN-APP sdk can show Dialog ads and landing pages which apparently aren’t allowed,
so as far as I know, there its no 100% safe sdk for Airpush,

@Phil.Airpush - will you be releasing a new SDK before the 23?


I hope they will release the new SDK today or tomorrow because I have a lot of apps to update :slight_smile:

i got email from Airpush…this is part from this email:

We are excited to inform you that Airpush SDK will be out sometime this week. The exact date will be confirmed shortly. With the release of this SDK most or all of your inquiries will be addressed as to how to proceed with the push notifications and the game changing new ad unit.
Final preparations are being done to ensure Google compliance. Please bare with us as preparations for the appropriate and required material is being completed to enable a proper introduction of the new SDK. You will be updated accordingly.

yeah, at least airpush should give report if they will managed or not before saturday :expressionless:

really? i don’t got the email even though i register in beta tester

haha really curious about that new ad type. is really NEW or just new in airpush ad.
and i hope the payment are high enough for this one, and less intrusive

I first wrote them with a few questions about their new SDK and how they will proceed with push notification ads

That’s good news.
I hope they will release the new SDK tomorrow.

oh okay, great news :slight_smile:

what’s the problem with landing page ads??