Widdit success story - December 2014

Hi guys,

After we’ve finished our monthly review of our partners accounts and summing December payments, we decided to share with you guys one success story.
Our partner (who chose to stay anonymous) had a really nice end to the year 2014, totaling $5,900 in revenue just by using HomeBase SDK.

December Revenues.jpg

Although most of the traffic came from less valuable geo’s (mostly from Indonesia), his app was still able to net a nice profit.


Our partner is using HomeBase SDK as an additional revenue source, and still use great solutions like AdMob or StartApp to monetize his app by displaying interstitials and banners.

HomeBase SDK is the perfect solution for app developers who look for a new way to make money from outside their app. HomeBase SDK delivers rich and engaging content to the lock screen of the user device, and works perfectly with any other monetization SDK.

Please feel free to PM me directly or click here to learn more about our SDK’s and how you can improve your app’s revenue.

Happy integrating!

I like widdit, but to much permissions

And widdit is 100% compliant?

Would like to hear other developers’ feedback on Widdit too. Anyone tried?

I tried them few times ago , They always paid on time , give good money(more than startapp from splash + exit , more 20-30%? ) , but its not net15, you need to w8 2 months for payout, they stop giving money when your gp acc will be banned, so its not fair, its needed a lot of permissions to work :-/. And I got strange ban from gp , insta after updating their sdk to newest version to dev console …but Im not sure that was , because of widdit…
They have very kind support anyway :slight_smile:
And atm I cant search much apps with integrated their sdk in gp store … Just only one …

anyone using them?

they are not compliant.
I got ban for their SDK some time ago.
Do not use!

I used them at the end of 2013 and get quite ok money. Support very kind :). There were rummors about bans and so in those days so I left them and never came back. I was wondering if integrate them again, but those out of app ads smells… Don’t want to lose account because of some stupid mistake.

is it true you wont pay if GP acc banned or app suspended?

I would try them for alternative stores. If you feel you do not want to risk your GP account, thats the best way to go.

same here got banned

And don’t believe networks who lie like their - they claim to be 100% compliant although everyone knows that their out of app is not compliant

Seems like many developers here are having ban experience. So, I would avoid using it.

Yea, I heard about bans becouse of them…

Sorry for your bans, but I must say that for me they are making really good job. I am using them from first Google Play Policy Changed (when push ads was prohibited).

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the input.

There hasn’t been a single app ban on account of using Widdit SDK.
We do however know that some of our partners got banned from Google Play because they were using other monetization SDKs that weren’t compliant with Google’s policy.

Widdit is partnered with thousands of developers all across Google Play, and these partnerships are here to last.
The SDK is not out of app per se and is not an advertising module - it delivers content over other advertising tools that are usually used for monetization reasons.
Regarding the permissions issue – we are now working on a new HomeBase version that will ask only for the location, internet connection and access to media files permissions.
It will become available by the end of January.

Please carefully read the following Google terms, and note that Widdit works in accordance to those guidelines:


If you are still not sure if HomeBase is the right solution for you, we suggest you implement it with a small scaled app that you may have, and test it for yourself.
Please feel free to reply to this thread or PM directly for more information on how to get started.

Happy integrating!

What are you talking about? You are disabled or sth? I just wrote that I got BAN for using YOUR SDK! There was a lot of threads about it. I think that you pray that someone new will find only this thread and not the old ones. A lot of people lost big money because of you! YOU ARE NOT COMPLIANT AND YOUR SDK IS GOOD IF YOU WANT TO GET BANNED

I had there sdk, never got banned but Google did flag it as a policy violation due to making multiple apps of the same thing when you downloaded the apk from server and used it as it’s own app.
If you updated it after the violation, yes you would of got banned.
You had to remove the app completely, being standalone shouldn’t be that hard.
They have now removed that option and you can no longer do that.
I have not tried the new sdk, so I’m not sure how that will work out.

Widdit used to be worthy when the pay model was DAU now with the new policy and new sdk they are not worthy to try

Why do you say that? Did you try both the old and new version?

We have been considering them for a long time but are cautious due to the feedback on this forum and elsewhere.

We have lock screens now through First, by Conduit but are shutting that system down so now we need to replace them with something else or remove it.
Here are the current games if anyone is curious:

As a rule for any adnetwork 2 thing

  1. If a ton of users especially experienced users said they got banned then , it happened. If you got only one or 2 disgruntled people then its probably not true. Don’t risk your account, there are many to choose from.

2)If any adnetwork has 10-20 posts but claims they work with 1,000 of developers, thats pure B.S. If that many users have used it, you would see way more post by developer’s defending it. No developers defending at all , is a red flag.

I hope that helps everyone here including you . Take care and make some money!!