Why my small business fails?

3 reasons for the failure of my business

I have written many articles on technology and gadgets but for the first time I am discussing about my small business. Today we are surrounded by technology where each and every day young brains are coming with great innovative startup ideas. A successful business or any startup idea needs proper planning and execution but sometimes both the things can’t work.

Companies like Airbnb, Snapchat, Dropbox, Pinterest and Spotify are some of the great examples for startups but now all the above mentioned names are well known brands. The only thing which was common in all those names was a million dollar “Idea”. All these companies were started with a great idea, their planning and execution were also exceptional but they have also implemented a powerful marketing strategy.

Here we are going to list out some of the most important point for any business to get success in a long run.

  1. Mobile marketing: Smartphone users are growing with a rapid rate and internet usage through mobile devices are now getting popular day by day. Businesses are taking huge benefit from mobile marketing and get chance to increase their reach. If you haven’t adopted mobile marketing in your plan than you are really missing a huge customer base. But what is mobile marketing and how one can adopt it for their business.

Mobile marketing is a promotional activity designed for mobiles, Smartphone and all type of handheld devices to deliver custom promotional messages through various channel. Videos, text, graphics and voice messages are some of the basic well known channels of mobile marketing. Today some other forms of mobile advertisement are also in trend includes location based service (LBS), 2D barcodes, GPS messaging where advertiser can easily target their desired customers.

  1. Mobile website or Responsive design: Apart from the mobile advertisement your business presence is also a big issue because making a websites not enough. Today 60-70% users access their internet through their mobile devices and in this case if your website is not responsive you can surely lose your customers. I have seen many website and business owners who have putted huge efforts to their website but their websites are not performing well on mobile why because they don’t have responsive designs.

Well responsive design is not the only solution you can also make a dedicated mobile website for your mobile customers so that they can easily access your content & services and become your potential customer. These days search engines like Google recommend to businesses & website owners to make responsive website or mobile websites to get the search engine ranking benefits.

  1. Mobile apps: If you think mobile apps only for big brands and companies than you are wrong. Today small startups, businesses are adopting mobile strategy and gaining benefits. Making mobile website for your business is not all about mobile strategy. Mobile apps are the best way to engage potential customers. It’s true that mobile apps are not helpful for all business but still mobile apps can be a game changer.

There are many advantages of having mobile app for business and customer engagement is one of them. Customers can connect to your brand 24X7 and you can serve them better. User can see your app throughout the day while he or she will use their mobile devices.

Every business needs risk and without taking risk no one can get success. All successful businesses were previously startups and now they are big brands this is only because of their belief, innovative ideas and customer satisfaction. So at last best of luck for your new business.