Why my Revenue decline?

Hi All,

My revenue 2 days recently (from 5/Nov-> 7/Nov) declined so much although downloads/day declined little bit.
Do you know why that? Do you have same problem with me .

Usually, you can ask your account manager for help.
You can also tell others which ad network you are using and see if they are experiencing the same.

Hi Helen,

Thank for your answer, i only use Google Admob, very hard to contact or ask anything with them. It may take to 2 weeks to have answer. Sometime, no any answer return.


Did you find what dropped? Impressions, RPM, clicks?
I got an increase on RPM from 1 to 6 of november. 10% to 20% more in revenues. :slight_smile:

Hi pedroatg,

My estimated earnings is dropped. 45 percents. OMG, my money

OK, but the revenue is a combination of impressions, number of clicks, cost per click, etc.

Since it was so fast it should be the cost per click, that sometimes varies with no warning and you can’t do anything about it, except change ad network.

But just to be sure check if the number of impressions or user sessions and the number of clicks continues to be stable.

Yaeh, admob tends to do that sometimes , give it a few more days and hopefully will be back to normal

Hi all,

Everything just came back with me. My revenue come back and growth. That really good news with me.

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