Why Europe and United States white men love Asians who have yellow skin?

Peter is a 40 year old American, in his eyes, Chinese women is very stable, he said they yearned for the stability and the establishment of the family, even after marriage no longer passion, they can from the family to find other spiritual sustenance, or enjoy the plain.

Another American Nick thinks, “Chinese women are in general more sincere, they like to smile to you, you are willing to follow, in New York, you often hear “have a good day”, but everyone knows that speak of the person, do not care about you today exactly how. And in China I think women really care about me.”

Eastern women in Europe and the United States’s heart of men left the impression that the similar to above-mentioned, due to the significant difference between the East and West cultural circle, Asian women often make people feel different characteristics from the European and american.

And according to the latest data that from 10000 users in GaGa, nearly all of men prefer women in south east asia.

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